Bunny & Matt Are The Business Baes Behind Your Favorite Hip Hop Festival, Rolling Loud

Say hello to your new favorite power couple.

Matt and Bunny are the business baes behind Rolling Loud, Miami’s biggest hip-hop-centric music festival.

Matt is the co-founder of the festival, whereas Bunny heads up the influencer marketing, merch, and the newly launched beauty “bae bar” at the festival. Oh, and she’s launching her own lash line.

We talked to the cash-hungry couple about this year’s festival, past success, and future plans.

Bunny, tell us more about your role with Rolling Loud.

Currently I’m the head of influencer marketing. This consists of vetting through all of the influencer’s requests and picking which influencers will be a part of the show. [I’m also] creating the women’s [clothing] line for Rolling Loud. Limited items will be dropped exclusively online and select items at each show. 

I’m also the creative director for an activation on site called the ‘bae bar’ which is a beauty bar. Makeup, hair, nails, press on tattoos, and photo ops. It features my new line of lashes called, ‘bunny blinks.’

How did you and Matt meet?

I said ‘I like your tattoos.’ He said, ‘Thanks, wanna be my girlfriend?’ 

What has been the most iconic Rolling Loud moment?

Last minute we had to replace an artist. So we were going through the artists that were not already on the bill and I mentioned, ‘how crazy would it be if Meek Mill got out of jail?!’ And literally four hours later we got a push notification saying ‘Meek Mill has been released.’ Next thing you know, Meek’s back on stage for his first performance since his release. 

Bunny, any advice to young girls?

Always remain yourself, never change for someone else, live and love life to the fullest. Don’t look back, be wild, free, and enjoy your young years before shit gets serious. Always learn from your past decisions and mistakes, never think of anything as a regret, only a lesson which turns to a blessing. Don’t beat yourself up on the minor stuff. Focus on yourself and always better yourself. Always put your mental and physical health first. Everything will always work out for the better, everything happens for a reason. 

Who’s your favorite artist at the moment?

I was always a huge Lil Peep fan, so at the moment and forever it will always be Lil Peep. 

What’s your favorite restaurant in Miami?

Kiki on the river.

What can people expect to see at this year’s Rolling Loud Miami? 

The craziest lineup they have ever seen. All I can say is, wear the best sneakers to rage in. 

What’s next for 2019?

Many new beginnings that we are both very excited for.

Photographer: Richard Stillwell

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