How to Fill & Shape Your Brows With Concealer

Brittany Sky is back to show us all how to get the perfect camera-ready brows using a secret weapon: concealer.

I’m back sooner than you expected huh?! This time, I decided to share an eyebrow tutorial with you guys, because in this life a good brow is everything. My friend Sabre showed me how to properly snatch my brows and I haven’t been able to get my life since.

Brows are our most important facial feature. Aside from the function of protecting our eyes from dirt and sweat, brows are vital indicators of our emotions as read by others. So while our makeup skills have evolved perhaps so have our ideas for modern applications of tools of evolutionary social cues?

While on set for a shoot, I figured it was only right to have have Sabre show you guys her recipe for a fierce set of brows. Thumbs up this video if you like what you see! Oh, and forgive me for my tarantula looking eyelashes. Struggle season.

You’ll need:

Benefit Brow Zings
Sephora Pro Brow Comb #21
Sephora Foundation Brush or Concealer Brush
L.A. Girl Pro HD Concealer
MAC Studio Conceal & Correct Palette

1. Brush your brows.

This will not only get them all going in the right direction, but fill in some of those little gaps everyone has.

2. Outline and fill them in with Brow Zings.

Don’t be too heavy-handed while doing this, because you can always add more later but it’s harder to take away.

3. Don’t be afraid to elongate and thicken the brows.

Watch Sabre’s technique in the video and you’ll see how to achieve a thicker, longer look naturally.

4. Apply concealer in a line under the brow to define it.

You’ll be blending this next, so don’t be scared!

5. Moisten a beauty blender and pat.

See? Blending makes it all come together and look way more natural.

6. Repeat the concealer and blending above the brows.

Doesn’t that make them so much more defined?

7. Enjoy your brows.

Nicely done.

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