Brye Remembers her first crush with “Jenna”

Brye is a self-described “professional crybaby.” Dramatic, and poetic in her lyricism, she has managed to perfectly balance authenticity and whimsicality.

Chicagoan Child Brye began writing songs at the age of 12 and learned music production at 14. She spent her high school years honing her songwriting and production skills, drawing inspiration from artists like DODIE, Tessa Violet, and Oh Wonder. Brye’s music is a natural, heartfelt, and soothing blend of indie pop melodies, personal lyrics, and gentle -but assertive- vocals.

Brye’s newest release is called “Jenna”, a song steeped in unrequited teen love and the power of reminiscence. 

Listen the track here.

The song is about a young woman -Brye- who develops a crush on her best friend -Jenna- set against the pretty idyllic backdrop of  Bible camp. She describes Jenna in vivid detail, noting her dark curly hair, emerald eyes, and soft skin. She also recalls the many moments they shared together, such as worshiping together, singing together, and braiding each other’s hair. Brye clearly feels a strong connection to Jenna, but she is also aware that their relationship seems destined to remain platonic. 

“Jenna” is a beautiful and moving exploration of unrequited love. It is a reminder that even though we may not always get the things we want, we can still find beauty and meaning in purely experiencing the company of other people. Brye’s songwriting serves to paint vivid imagery to create a sense of place and atmosphere. Her descriptions of Bible camp, the worship services, and the shared bunk bed help the listener to visualize the setting and the characters in a way that could only be achieved by a bonafide storyteller with that “X Factor” that makes you want to listen to them spin every yarn possible.

In the past three years, Brye has amassed over 70 million streams on Spotify and gained 350,000 social media followers. She has collaborated with artists such as Cavetown and Addison Grace.


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