Brooke Candy Opens Up About The Emotional And Physical Tolls Of Her Work

“Honey, I’ve got a drawer full of vibrators. I’d die without my sex toys.” Those are the words of Brooke Candy—the always candid, Los Angeles-repping singer/rapper/transhumanist. She first gained attention for her role in Grimes’ music video “Genesis,” where she unapologetically plays herself, sporting long pink braids reminiscent of Christina Aguilera’s “Dirrty” era. Since then, her fame has grown. “Fag Mob” is her squad, and they run LA. At least they do in her “Das Me” video—the track that propelled her from social media celeb status to serious musician. For Brooke, art imitates life, and here, the world’s only ex-stripper/Rachel Zoe intern talks about the emotional and physical work it takes to be Brooke Candy.

Brooke Candy - Galore Mag

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How do you mentally prepare for a performance? 

I keep things fun backstage. I usually have my glam team, some friends, and some music playing to keep the energy up. I still feel nervous, like I’m going to vomit, right before I go out on stage. I don’t think I’ll ever shake that feeling.

Day worker or night worker? Why? 

How do you get inspired to create work? I’m not really sure… Sometimes inspiration pours in, and sometimes I can’t find inspiration anywhere.

Are you always proud of the work you make? 

I’m proud of the dedication to the process, but I always feel really self-conscious about the final product. I like to make something and never look back.

What are some of the physical and emotional tolls of your work? 

It’s very emotionally draining. I put every ounce of my being into everything I create, and sometimes it leaves me feeling a bit broken. Physically, my skin and hair have definitely taken a toll. I tend to wear elaborate wigs that more often than not pull my hair out, and makeup that irritates my skin. I’ve always had to shave my eyebrows for specific looks and have lost my eyelashes. 

Views on collaboration? 

Hmm… If it’s right. My vision is very specific, so finding the right fit can be difficult. I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with people like Sia and Jack Antonoff on my new album.

If you’re stuck creatively, what do you do to get unstuck? 

Stay grounded and focus on something else until the inspiration comes. You really can’t force it.

If you weren’t doing this and had to get a “day job,” where would you see yourself? 

Working on a self-sustaining farm in Hawaii studying herbal magic. 

What new music are you excited for at the moment? 

I’m not really excited about anything new at the moment. I’ve been listening to a lot of L7 and Bikini Kill lately.  

What’s your go-to sad song? Happy song? 

Sad song is Philip Glass’ “Opening.” Happy song is Veruca Salt’s “Volcano Girls.”

Brooke Candy - Galore Mag

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Brooke Candy - Galore Mag

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Brooke Candy - Galore Mag

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