Britney Spears Says She, Too, Hated Her 20s

No matter which way you slice it, your 20s are rough.

The break ups are harder, the post college slump is real and sometimes even dragging your ass to the grocery store so you don’t accidentally overdraft after your Seamless order can seem impossible.

But don’t worry, because no matter how much you hate your 20s, Britney Spears will always hate her 20s more.

“I liked my thirties way more than my twenties,” Britney told some random guy I’ve never heard of while being interviewed for some television show I’ve never heard of on some network I’ve never heard of (Dan Wooton, Lorraine, ITV). “My twenties were horrible.”

This is actually a kind way of putting it.

During her 20s Britney:

Broke up with her boyfriend of three years
Started hanging out with lilo and paris
Stopped wearing underwear in public
Lost her mind
Got married to an old friend quickly, and got said marriage annulled even quicker
Hooked up with one of her backup dancers, quickly became engaged to him
Popped out 2 kids
Went to rehab. Multiple times.
Shaved her head
Lost custody of her kids. Multiple times.
Started using auto tune a lot in her songs
Got committed to a psych ward
And she was forced to place herself on permanent convservatorship under her father, meaning he owns her and she more or less has to do whatever he says, even now.

So yeah, don’t worry. Everybody’s 20s are rough, but just like Britney, even if you stumble hard for a while, you can still come back and be at the top of your game in your 30s.

Or at least you can get your abs back.

On second thought, maybe don’t take Britney as an example.


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