How British People Are Reacting to Trump’s Win

The UK and America will always have a chill relationship, despite that time when the U.S. bounced out of British rule because of taxation without representation.

But as Galore’s chief British correspondent, I can report that the Brits are experiencing Brexit flashbacks and freaking the f out thanks to last night’s election and an impending Trump presidency.

Here are some tweets showing exactly how they feel.

She knows.

British celebrity chef has been stress eating just like us.


First brexit, now this. What is James Corden to do?


Londoner senses competition in both countries stupid choices.


At this point I think we all need a beer.


Good point…reality tv star turned President?!


British rap sensation is going to save us all. Stallion.

Essex reality TV star has decided he would be a better president. #Gatsby4president

Our favorite set of eyebrows is giving us hope

Some British seem to be a bit more down trodden after the news.


Music manager hits the nail on the head.

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