LA-based breakout girl group Boys World treats fans to new single “Gone Girl” this week. The track, reminiscent of early 2000s R&B, is an instant classic amongst their catalog of hits celebrating the endurance of female friendships, especially when things get rough. Stream ‘Gone Girl’ HERE
Watch the music video HERE “Gone Girl” marks Boys World’s first full pivot into the R&B genre. The track is reminiscent of early-aughts R&B bops but with an undeniable 2023 twist. Taking inspiration from Destiny’s Child’s single “Girl,” “Gone Girl” packs a soulful melody with pitch-perfect harmonies, however, Boys World ups the ante with a higher tempo that begs for their signature dynamic choreography.
The single tells the all-too-familiar tale of helplessness when watching a friend get stuck in a toxic relationship after ignoring countless warnings, just to be the shoulder they cry on at the end of it all: I see it now he does you wrong / you’re crying tears all night long / i’ll be there when he’s gone. Since their debut, Boys World has showcased their dedication to one another in a strong line-up of friendship anthems, including tracks like “Girlfriends” and “me, my girls & i”. With “Gone Girl,” the group once again proves nothing will come between them, and whatever tries to only makes the quintet stronger.

Likewise, the music video is a flawless homage to the Y2K aesthetic. Complete with frosted eyeshadow, low rise jeans, and tiny crop tops, the Boys World’s knack for backbreaking choreography is on full display as they dance perfectly in sync with one another. On the track, Boys World said, “Gone Girl is the perfect song to serve someone the hard truth about a toxic relationship. We LOVE that we fully embraced the nostalgic 2000’s R&B energy on this record, and also used that era as inspiration for our visuals. Gone Girl is what you play for your friend when you realize her relationship has taken her to a place of no return! It’s about supporting your friends through their ups and downs and always having their back.” Audiences of Boys World’s East Coast Summer Tour were treated to an early preview of the song, which became an
instant hit among fans. Due to high demand, the group recently added two West Coast dates in Los Angeles and San Francisco. You can find more information on the tour and purchase tickets HERE.

Artwork by Katia Temkin

Featured Interview:

Tell us about how you guys all came together as a band. 

All five of us were little diamonds in the rough living in our hometowns until we all got DMs on Instagram from our label, where they asked us if we wanted to be in a girl group. Our auditions were sort of like chemistry tests. We had sleepovers, went to see movies, and had shopping trips to see if we all could truly bond and get along. That was the vital part of putting Boys World together – making sure that we could all be good friends and support each other.

What are your beauty rituals on tour?

First of all, plenty of beauty rest. It can be so go go go on tour and it’s so important to make sure you’re resting whenever you can. Another one is hydration! We’re singing and dancing a ton, so we have to make sure we are fully hydrated and moisturized.

How is Boys World rebelling against the norm?

We’re fighting against the expected reality that just because we’re a girl group, we don’t get along and fight a lot. Every day since we’ve lived together, we’ve challenged that norm, and are so thankful to have each other.

Who would be a dream musical collaboration?

If the Spice Girls decide to have a reunion in the future, it would be our biggest dream to collaborate with them.

Who is your favorite girl group of yesteryear (Destiny’s Child, Spice Girls, etc)?

TLC is such an iconic girl group!! We really admire their style! They really set the tone for fashion moving forward for women all around the world!

What does sisterhood mean to you?

Sisterhood is a community of women who make each other feel safe to be themselves. My girls in Boys World are my best, truest friends, and my sisters. <3 They make me feel loved and supported on my good and messy days. I wouldn’t want to go through this life without them and I am so blessed every day to follow my dreams alongside my best friends.

Can each member tell us a secret talent?

Olivia’s secret talent is that she can play electric guitar behind her head. Lillian’s secret talent is that she can draw amazing portraits and her use of watercolor in her art is beautiful. Elana’s secret talent is that she is actually a chef in the kitchen, someone needs to give her her own cooking show. Queenie’s secret talent is that she can build anything. She’s a handyman for real. Makhyli’s secret talent is that she can make insanely accurate goat impressions.

What is next for Boys World?

We are so excited for our new music that’s coming so soon!!! It’s definitely a new vibe sonically and lyrically. At this point in our careers, we are so honed in on our songwriting and are ready to talk about things we’ve never talked about before in our music. And, of course, excited to keep dancing!!

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Team Credits:


Styling: Ariana Velazquez

Makeup: Marla Vazquez

Hair: Marilyn Lizardo

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