Gucci muse BØRNS has a brand new video out now

When it comes to men’s fashion, no one does it better than rocker BØRNS — maybe it’s because he wears Gucci from head to toe, pretty much always. He’s basically the fashion icon you wish your boyfriend would dress like, and he wears belly shirts and bell bottoms better than half the chicks I know. I guess he’s sorta like Prince — you can’t decide if you wanna be him, or make out with him?

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Let me also just say that BØRNS was doing the Gucci suit and Pink Floyd sounds before Harry Styles copped that shit for his solo career…. Not to point any fingers or anything, just a simple observation.

You may know BØRNS from his popular song “Electric Love” from his album Dopamine, which was released in 2015. Or you might just recognize those gorgeous chiseled cheekbones from sitting front row at all the Gucci runway shows.

His newest single is called “Faded Heart” and the video does NOT disappoint when it comes to all the fashion, good looks, and good sounds. The tune has a chill rocker vibe but keeps in line with BØRNS’ usual lyrical love pleas and canyon cries topped off with that killer falsetto voice we love oh-so-much.

The video was directed and conceptualized by BØRNS himself and co-directed by Bardia Zeinali. If you can’t get enough of the video, BØRNS will be bringing his Gucci lewks and rocker vibes to a city near you, when he heads out on tour in the Fall. But be prepared that when you spot him, he’ll likely have bigger heels on than you. Visit for Tour Dates and check the video out here.

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