Beyoncé’s 2017 Grammy Performance Was Godly

Beyoncé just performed at the 2017 Grammy Awards and proved once again she is operating on a completely different level than the rest of us.

Like, she is actually a deity. Sorry.

The performance started out with Beyoncé, visibly pregnant, standing in front of a black backdrop with projections behind her. It was similar to her “Who Run The World?” performance at the 2011 Billboard Awards.

But this time, instead of the fierce, feisty persona she embodied during that time period, Beyoncé was like Cleopatra mixed with Venus mixed with the Holy Spirit. She was stoic, elegant, and perfectly poised. She made motherhood look majestic.

She delivered a monologue about motherhood and at one point, images of herself, her mom Tina Lawson (who introduced her!), and Blue Ivy were all projected on the backdrop.

Next, she sang “Love Drought,” a song from “Lemonade” that comes after “Daddy Lessons.” It’s basically the portion of the album where she gets into her feels and starts the process of forgiving the cheating referenced at the beginning of the album.

One totally insane moment was when the chair she was sitting in TILTED BACKWARD with the preggers Bey sitting in it.

She moved toward the audience and performed “Sandcastles,” another song about moving on after some BS befalls you and your bae.

The performance was all about motherhood, forgiveness, and healing. In fact, the last line was, “If we’re gonna heal, let it be glorious.”

It was a powerful performance that will certainly not be topped on Grammy night, if ever.

Blue Ivy and Jay agree.

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