Beyoncé’s 2016 Met Gala Outfit Is Like a Bedazzled Condom

Everyone was wondering how Beyoncé would top her naked dress from last year’s Met Gala. So instead of going even more naked this year, she decided to cover herself up with a puff-sleeved, bedazzled condom.

And before the Beyhive comes to get me, listen: it’s latex! And condoms are cool! They prevent pregnancies without even having to pull out!

The dress, reportedly by Givenchy, consists of a bunch of small circles affixed to a flesh-toned swatch of latex. She probably needed a lot of baby powder to wrangle herself into that thing.

As she usually does, she posted a pic of herself in the look on Instagram before walking in.

A photo posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

It looks kind of hard to walk in!


One thing’s for sure, though: sex ed never looked so good.

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