These Youtube prank channels will definitely make you LOL

Pranks on YouTube have been around since I was seven years old (I am 19 now). Some might say have gotten worse as the years have passed (a.k.a. me) and some might say they have gotten better.

If you are into Youtube pranks, or you just want to watch something funny (depending on what you think is funny), here are some hilarious YouTube prankers that you should follow.

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Wengie has the cutest prank youtube channel I have ever seen. A lot of her videos aren’t pranks, but she does have a healthy amount of prank videos in her roster. The best part about her prank channel? She does the pranks (mainly) on herself! So nobody truly gets hurt, and it’s all in good fun! Win-win.

Magic of Rahat

Rahat has the funniest prank YouTube channel I have ever seen. He does a lot of different pranks, but his best ones are him going through different drive-thru’s scaring (but eventually making them laugh) the employers. The subtitles he puts is the cherry on top of an already hilarious prank idea. The best part is when you see the drive-thru workers’ happy/hilarious reactions.

Pranksters in love

If you love cute YouTube couples and you looooove pranks, this dynamic duo is the best YouTube channel to follow. The couple, Nikki and John, loves pulling pranks on each other so they decided to record their prank wars for their dedicated viewers! They do it in good jest and nobody has done anything drastic enough to cause a divorce (but don’t do it on your gf/bf, they might not have the same sense of humor).


Hooman has a YouTube channel with an array of pranks, but his best one is the shampoo prank. You can see the evolution of frustration in his prank victims when they try to wash out the shampoo from their hair but they cant :(. It is a harmless (hopefully they don’t get the soap in their eyes) but hilarious prank compilation.

These Youtubers know that their pranks are all in good fun, and I highly recommend you DON’T try them out or D-I-Y, so don’t get any bright ideas y’all (or if you do try out the pranks, don’t tell your victims you were inspired by us, okay???).

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