The Best Fall Trend For Your Zodiac Sign

Farewell summer and hello fall! Time to break out the trench coats, plum lipstick, and a new hairstyle.

We’ve paired up which fall trend will complement you best based on your zodiac sign. Who knew astrology could be resourceful for other than finding out why your boyfriend is acting like a fuckboy? Keep reading to find out which one is yours…


With your affectionate personality, lipstick colors closest to a deep red or burgundy will surely embrace that “lover girl” side.

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Your creative intuitive never goes unnoticed, especially in these jeans!
(here’s a video of how to DIY them yourself!)

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Your unpredictable attitude leaves many wondering what you’ll do next. Going from a tiny bikini to a turtleneck will definitely catch people off guard.

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Oh, typical Taurus. You’re very practical! Keeping it cozy in a bomber for the chilly days is definitely you!

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Chatterbox Gemini, don’t say a word and let this boot do all the talking.

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You can hide your sensitive side and look as tough as them come in this biker jacket.

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You love to look good, Leo and what’s a better way to do it than in a trench coat?

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Conservative Virgo doesn’t like the spotlight so, it’s best to avoid bright colors and keep it subtle in a warm brown.

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Luxurious Libra, this is right up your alley. A few gold dainty necklaces would be cute to try.

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Strong Scorpio, you’re unapologetic and there’s nothing wrong with that when you have a boot to match. 

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Sagittarius, you’re always willing to change it up. Some new denim ideas might just do the trick!

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You’re not a fan of spontaneity, but maybe some highlights could add a little sparkle to your routine. (Would suggest going to a professional)

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