BENNIFER WATCH: Ben Affleck Just Partied With J. Lo Bestie Ryan Seacrest

Now that it’s been 12 years since Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, otherwise known as Bennifer, split up, and now that the two are both single again, and the dust of Gigli‘s failure has settled, the two should, and WILL get back together.

Ben Affleck is currently divorcing his wife of 10 years, Jennifer Garner — the fact he married someone with J.Lo’s first name is telling — and J. Lo looks even better now than she did a decade ago. There’s no better time for the two to fall in love once again, and our Bennifer Watch will closely monitor all developments of their soon-to-be reunion.

We’re not alone in the movement. Bustle compiled a list of all the Twitter motions being made to get Jen and Ben back together again. Because when love is right, it’s just right.

And so it begins. Just Saturday, in what reads like  true mid-life crisis post-divorce behavior, Affleck was seen partying at 10ak in Los Angeles with Ryan Seacrest.

“Ben got to the venue and hung out with Ryan in the VIP booth,” a source told People Magazine. “He was seen in high spirits throughout the whole night and was overheard saying that he was really excited about the success of his movie.”

Aside from just how weird this party pairing is (what did they talk about? Why does Ben thinks it’s okay to be at clubs when he’s 43 years old?) Ben and Ryan do have one very crucial thing in common. And that is Jennifer Lopez, who Ryan Seacrest works with on American Idol. A couple shots deep, and Ben probably went to town on Ryan about his regrets on letting her go. Back in March, Hollywood Life reported that Ben constantly talks about reconnecting with Jennifer.

Whether or not that’s true, the actors have both publicly spoken about their relationship, citing the insane level of public scrutiny the couple experienced as one of the main issues that led to their break up.

“At the time, I knew on some level, ‘This is insane,'” he told GQ in 2012. “What was that guy’s name who killed his wife and dumped her off the side of a boat? Peterson. I remember thinking he actually gets slightly better treatment than I do in the press. At least they had to say ‘alleged killer.'”


He went on:

“That was definitely me at that point. I was the guy. I was the designated person to loathe. I think I just ran away. You can only handle so much. I moved for a while to this place in Georgia that I have, was able to get away, by and large, from stuff. Come up with a plan for how to do something with my life that doesn’t put me in the crosshairs of this sort of thing.”

No need to run anymore, Ben. The good news is that it’s 2016, and the Kardashians exist, who will gladly take any and all media attention away from them. Unless they get back together and everybody stops caring about the Kardashians because #truelovetrumpsall. Which speaking of, forget Bernie and Trump; #Bennifer2016 is an exciting campaign we can all get behind. Watch this space for more updates.

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