Bella Thorne And Miley Cyrus Weighed In on Kim K’s Nude Selfie Controversy

Unfortunately, International Women’s Day has so far been focused on arguing over women’s agency over their bodies — oops wait, actually it’s just been a day devoted to shaming Kim Kardashian for posting a naked selfie.

It started on Sunday when Kim posting a year-old photo, and the internet erupting in fury. Bette Midler, Chloe Moretz, and Piers Morgan all weighed in to try and put Kim in her place for showing the world her naked body.

And now, Bella Thorne and Miley Cyrus have also weighed in on the issues on social media.

Bella, the 18-year-old model/actress/singer and friend of the Kardashian clan, hosted an #askbella Q&A on Twitter for International Women’s Day, and she weighed in on the Twitter feud between Moretz and Kim.



Then Miley got involved: 


Regardless of any opinions on the matter, Miley’s got one thing right — it’d be nice to focus one day on putting “cuntiness” aside, and celebrating one another. But it’s also surprising to see that Miley didn’t take a stand to definitively support Kim. Miley has gotten her fair share of flack for showing her own body — wouldn’t you think that she’d be loud and proud in supporting Kim?

Surprisingly, habitual Twitter-ranter Kanye West has yet to weigh in on the controversy.

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