The Beginner’s Guide to Chakra Healing

The whole chakra thing can seem overwhelming. But did you know you can align your chakras and attain nirvana (kind of) just by exercising, sleeping, and doing other totally normal things?

Chakras are centers of energy located throughout the human body — aligning from the base of your spine to the crown of your head. Each chakra guides the respective physical, emotional, spiritual (and even sexual) attributes.

Awareness of chakras has been around for quite some time. The first known mention of these energy centers dates back to 1,500-500 B.C. in the classical Upanishads, an ancient collection of India’s spiritual texts and Hindu philosophic principles. Today, thanks to new age spirituality and modern mysticism, chakras are being accepted into the mainstream for all the benefits people report when paying attention to their chakra alignment.

Scientific proof of chakras is scant, but methods have been developed to prove their existence. It is now possible to capture energy fields radiating off of humans. This process employs high tech imagery to reveal the subject’s aura, normally invisible to the human eye. And since each chakra vibrates at a different frequency, interpreting these images creates the ability to quantitatively calculate energy levels of each chakra and qualitatively conclude the condition of a person’s physical, emotional and spiritual states. Ultimately, this process, known as electrophotonic analysis, has allowed scientists to detect, capture and analyze human energy. This method is gaining some major attention in today’s medical fields and transcending the usual branch of metaphysics and alternative medicine.

Those who swear by chakra healing say that aligning your chakras can make you feel better — mind, body and soul. Want to reap the benefits yourself? Then you have to understand each chakra and keep each one properly aligned. This alignment is used to balance all of your energy equally and keep your vibes free-flowing. Since chakras connect your entire body’s flow, If there’s too much or too little energy in one area, it will directly affect the other chakras.

If you’re new to this whole holistic health hype and it all seems a bit overwhelming (I mean honestly, we’re talking about invisible energy vortexes so who wouldn’t be overwhelmed), don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We teamed up with Nicole Tustin, aka @spiritualthoughts, to give you the low down on each chakra.

Root // Muladhara

Color: red

Location: base of the spine

Guides: passions, ambitions, safety, security, stability, instincts

Warning signs of imbalance: depression, rage, fatigue, lower back pain, anemia, weight gain

How to balance: exercise, restful sleep, outdoor activities, red gemstones and oils (such as sandalwood or jasper)

Sacral // Svadisthana

Color: orange

Location: below the navel, lower abdomen

Guides: desires, sensuality, sexuality, creativity and expression

Warning signs of imbalance: eating disorders, alcohol and drug abuse, depression, asthma, allergies, yeast infections, urinary problems

How to balance: hot aromatic baths, massage treatments, aerobics, orange gemstones and oils (such as melissa)

Solar Plexus // Manipura

Color: yellow

Location: stomach, above the navel

Guides: purpose, drive, willpower, mental and physical strength, self confidence, intellect

Warning signs of imbalance: anxiety, toxicity, poor memory, digestive problems

How to balance: intellectual stimulants, sun exposure, yellow gemstones and oils (such as lemon or rosemary)

Heart // Anahata

Color: green

Location: chest

Guides: love, relationships, connections, compassion, vulnerability,  openness, balance

Warning signs of imbalance: heart and breathing disorders, chest pain, high blood pressure, immune system problems, muscular tension

How to balance: indulging in pleasures, quality time with loved ones, exposure to nature, green gemstones and oils (such as eucalyptus or pine)

Throat // Vishuddha

Color: blue

Location: throat

Guides: healing, self expression, voice, reason, communication, self worth, trust

Warning signs of imbalance: hormonal disorders (PMS, mood swings, bloating), hyperactivity, fevers, infections, pain in the mouth, jaw, tongue, neck or shoulders, thyroid imbalances

How to balance: speaking, singing, art involvement, blue gemstones and oils (such as chamomile)

Third Eye // Anja

Color: indigo

Location: center of forehead

Guides: imagination, intuition, instincts, dreams and visions, inspiration, self-realization

Warning signs of imbalance: trouble learning, sleep disorders, depression, headaches/migraines, fear

How to balance: meditation, release of hidden or repressed thoughts, stargazing, indigo gemstones or oils (such as patchouli)

Crown // Sahasrara

Color: violet or sometimes white

Location: top of your head

Guides: spirituality, wisdom, consciousness

Warning signs of imbalance: mental illness, coordination problems, skin rashes, varicose veins, confusion

How to balance: writing down goals, visions, thoughts and emotions, daydreaming, violet gemstones and oils such as lavender or jasmine

Got it? Good. Now vibrate higher.

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