BeautyCon LA’s pink carpet gave me the beauty advice I didn’t know I needed

I popped my BeautyCon cherry on Saturday, and it was a wild ride of detailed brand stands and on stage makeup tutorials.

After walking around and getting to know the attendees and the brands, I had a great feel for the beauty industry. I felt as though everyone at BeautyCon wanted you to feel welcome, and that your questions/concerns about anything beauty related were valid.

No beauty topic was off limits at BeautyCon, and I was lucky enough to ask some of the most influential people in the industry the things that I was dying to know about their brands, necessary products, and female entrepreneurism.

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Sarah Brown

(Former VOGUE Beauty Director and Current Contributing Editor)

What is the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you?

This is going to sound funny but the best piece of advice I ever got was something that wasn’t obvious to me at the time, it’s that you have to get back to people immediately. If someone opens a door for you and says, “I’m gonna make this connection for you,” you’ve got to get back to them right away. You can’t wait a day, you can’t wait two days. If a door opens for you, you have to be prompt. That includes even thank you notes. It shows that you’re a self-starter and shows you’re seriously a professional. If someone gets back to me late, I’m not impressed.

Dr. Simon Ourian

(Cosmetic Dermatologist and Owner of Epione Skin Care)

What are the biggest skincare mistakes people are making?

Well, I see that lot of people are over-hydrating their skin. Over-hydrating by using a lot of oily stuff on their skin. This actually closes your pores, and causes your pores to grow larger because of the fact that they are closed up. Also, over scrubbing your skin. Some people treat their skin like it’s some sort of cement, and start to rub it off. Your skin is a very difficult organ, you have to be gentle. If you can follow those two things, you will be fine. And of course, no one should smoke.

Joyce Bonelli

(Celebrity Makeup Artist and CEO of Joyce Bonelli Cosmetiques)

If you were stuck on an island, what beauty/style thing would you need to have with you?

Dr. Ourian. [laughs] That’s a real ass truth!

Could you tell us about what you’re doing in the future?

I’m doing my own makeup line, and it’s a complete range. Very detailed in so many different ways. It’s one of those projects that just keep getting bigger and bigger. I’ll definitely be launching something a year from now, so that’s exciting.

Jackie Aina

(Beauty Vlogger and Influencer)

What is your advice for women of color trying to make it in the beauty industry?

Be consistent and don’t be discouraged. Your voice is needed, even during the times when you feel like it’s not being heard. And no matter what, just keep going.

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Doe Deere

(Founder, CEO, and owner of Lime Crime Makeup)

What is your advice to women aspiring to be entrepreneurs like you?

I think it starts with being 100% you, and being unapologetic about who you are and your vision. If you stick to that, and do that every day and apply it to whatever needs you have. Do that every day and you will find success, I truly believe in that.

Ashley Tisdale

(Founder of Illuminate Cosmetics and Actress)

What can we expect from your makeup line?

It’s vegan and cruelty free, and we have matte liquid lipsticks coming out at the end of September. I’m so excited about it, because I’ve been creating them for over a year. We also have lashes, and palettes that I created for the girl on the go. They are really quick, and versatile.


Angel Merino

(Celebrity Makeup Artist and Beauty Influencer Creative Director)

If you were stuck on an island, what beauty product do you absolutely need with you?

My highlighter. Because I feel like if I was stuck on an island, if I was wearing enough highlighter, MAYBE someone would find me. Maybe.

Also, this dog reminded us of the importance of a good pink.

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Photos by Mallie Koczon

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