Beat Dat Snow Though: 5 Ways to Keep Warm This Winter

If you like snow, it’s likely that we are not friends. Snow makes me want to scream “I CANNOT” as loud as I can. If you, like me, want to prevent having a mental episode in the middle of the snow then I would adhere to these rules.

Don’t Go Outside

Don’t do it. Unless you have a job that demands you go outside (which most people do), stay in and enjoy the luxuries of avoiding snow. It’s not cute.

Do Not Wear Heels

Typically I’m a big advocate of women wearing anything whenever they want, whether it be no tights in the middle of winter or fur in the middle of summer. But I draw the line when it comes to personal safety, and some heels are simply too dangerous when it comes to these icy NY skreets. Wear Timberlands, Doc Martens, or any other variation of boot which makes you feel like a tougher human being.

Carry a Bag of Rock Salt

This is not glamorous, but neither is snow. One must do things they would rather not do in order to defeat this snow. Throw salt down as you walk so you don’t slip, which will get annoying and exhausting but just think of what Frodo went through to beat the evil powers in Middle Earth, and carrying a bag of rock salt won’t sound as bad.

Wear Headphones

Personally, I love R&B so the sweet voice of Trey Songz will help prevent the irritation of snow. I mean, I’d prefer to slip on my ass to Trey singing “Love Faces” than to nothing.

Get a Personal Driver

If you can afford it, get someone to drive you around all day because I cannot think of a better waste of money than having a personal chauffeur, especially in these conditions. If you can’t afford it, I’m sorry, I can’t either so I’ll see you on the subway.


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