Barbie Has a New Job: Video Game Developer

In an effort to let girls everywhere know the (gaming) world is theirs for the taking, Mattel has developed “Game Developer Barbie,” a.k.a Barbie at her full-on nerdiest.

She’s got glasses, she’s a ginger (well, technically she’s a day walker), and she can code, either on the computer she comes with, or get to twerkin’ on the iPad she’s photo’d with, above.

The new career change for Barbie comes as a response to the 2014 controversy over Barbie: I Can Be a Computer Engineer, a book written by Susan Marenco and published by Random House. People got upset since the book apparently sends the message that Barbie can be a game designer, but not a developer. Well, as of Monday, Barbie is no longer relegated to the role of only designing; see the official Instagram below welcoming nerd Barbie to the world!


Congrats, Barb. We have a hot math teacher turned Armani model for ya if you ever decide to come back to the cool side.

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