Baddie Winkle Reveals Her Favorite Item In Her Closet

Any person who stays woke to things that happen on the internet must know who Baddie Winkle is and what she stands for.

More than being an eccentric, outspoken, 87-year-old dimepiece who loves to hang out with Miley IRL, she represents what it means to live with no inhibitions. From the way she dresses to her taste in music, Baddie Winkle doesn’t conform to the standards set by society and basically, she’s a babe.

When Smirnoff asked us if we wanted to hang out with her at the Smirnoff Ice Electric launch, we obviously said yes and took the chance to ask her a few style questions because she was wearing a coat made of Furbies, and all we could think was where can we cop that?

Who is your style inspiration? 

I think Miley Cyrus, for one. Me and Miley are kind of similar. We shop at the same places and she’s kind of far out and I’m kind of far out. So I would say she’s pretty much who I would look to and see what she’s doing.

Where do you go shopping? 

I don’t go shopping, people send me clothes. I mean, I get clothes all the time so, you know, I really don’t have to pick. I pick out of the clothes that they send me but they’re always cool.

What’s your favorite item that you’ve received? 

My favorite thing that I’ve got so far is in the video with Smirnoff. It’s the metallic blue jumpsuit.


And what are some of your favorite brands to receive clothes from? 

I often receive clothes from O-Mighty and lots of different people. I mean, I can’t keep up with all the names because there are so many but I also like this brand, it’s called The Ragged Priest.

Who is your favorite Instagram to follow? 

I would say maybe Drake or Khloé [Kardashian], or Perrie Edwards.

Do you have a Snapchat?

Yes, I really like it. I have just started doing it but I thought “well that’d be fun – why don’t I start doing it” and I did.

What is your signature move on Snapchat?

I just Snap my daily activities, mainly.

What is your Snapchat handle. 

It’s BaddieWinkle.

Do you ever get nervous before big shoots or campaigns that you do?

Surprisingly, no. I wasn’t nervous at all for my Galore calendar shoot. I thought I would be but seems like to me that I don’t get nervous with anybody. I don’t know what it is but I think, “Why get nervous about anybody?” Because they’re just people and they’re just like me. They don’t intimidate me.

Life motto? 

“Keep moving,” and I’ve been moving all my life. I’ve never been one to sit down. I’m 87, soon to be 88, and I think it’s important to enjoy myself as long as I possibly can.

Did you go to Coachella? 

I wanted to go to Coachella because I love festivals. They invited me this year but we decided it wouldn’t be safe. A lot of people would want pictures and it would be hard to do security and things like that. I went to my first festival in Las Vegas because where I come from [Kentucky] they didn’t used to do a lot of festivals. But that’s all changing now with them becoming more popular.

Photo’s via SmirnoffUS

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