Baddie Winkle Proves Once Again Why She’s Everybody’s Favorite Senior Citizen

Baddie Winkle isn’t your average senior citizen—take it from Miley Cyrus, who cites Baddie as her very own role model. Born in 1928, she gained fame when her great grand-daughter, Kennedy Lewis posted a picture on Twitter of Baddie wearing Kennedy’s clothing. Since then, Baddie’s established herself as an icon for being a cool lady who still smokes weed, wears crazy shit, and rocks her badass look regardless of her age. Take a cue from Baddie Winkle—loving yourself doesn’t mean loving your youth…it means being cool no matter how you look. Check out our calendar to see exactly how she does it, 365 days of the year.

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You were the star of Dimepiece LA’s campaign and attended the VMAs, did you ever dream something like this would happen from your Instagram account?

No, I can’t get used to it yet, I can’t believe it! Who knew I would be strutting down the red carpet with Miley Cyrus as my arm candy?

You’ve described Baddie as your alter-ego that helps you to take more risks comfortably, do you think that we should all adapt some sort of alter-ego?

Yeah, sure. It started evolving from one picture, It’s awesome. Sometimes you need to take your dream version of yourself and turn it into reality, fuck the rules, whether you’re 20 or 80.

Besides your granddaughter, who else do you look to for style inspiration?

I keep up with the styles, I look at magazines. I like to see what the celebrities are wearing.

Do you like Miley Cyrus’ style?

Well… some of it [laughing], she’s a very down to earth kid, she’s a really sweet girl. Some of her get-ups wouldn’t look so great on my body type, but she rocks it.

Do you think that more women your age need to fuck society’s rules and dress the way they want to?

Yes I do, I think they should do exactly as they please rather than conforming to what society expects from them. Do you, girl.

Who would play a younger version of you in a movie about your life?

Maybe Selena Gomez for when I was younger, and Michelle Pfeiffer for an adult version. I liked her as Cat Woman, she was sexy…just like me [laughing].

Which artist’s music video would you be a perfect background dancer for?

Hm…I think Drake. I like Drake. He’s my Champagne Papi.

What type of guys make the best lovers?

Oh my gosh…well I couldn’t answer that, but I guess if he was good looking and handsome and made you laugh, he’d probably be a good lover. A nice butt doesn’t hurt.

You have said that it’s okay for women to fake it, what is your advice for doing it right?

You just do it right! [Laughing] There’s not much to it. Maybe if you do it wrong he’ll take the hint and start stepping up his game!

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Styling Assistance by Emma Larsen

Makeup by Cherish Brooke Hill

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