Why All Bad B*tches Need to See ‘The Craft’

Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I have a few traditions during this time of year, one being to watch a different horror movie every night of October. I find new ones and of course reminisce on old ones.

That there are few horror feminist inspo movies that I literally cannot get enough of. At the top of that list is “The Craft.”

If your taste in movies is anything like mine — if you love a great plot, sassy female leads, and fabulous witches as main characters — then you will fall in love with “The Craft.”

The film is “Clueless” meets “Jennifer’s Body,” two other highly recommended girl power,  sisterhood themed classics.  The vibe is very teen 90’s style. The group of women it stars are the odd ball clique in school that you can totally relate to, whether you were in the “in group” or not, they are your friends and spirit animals.


All four of the witches are equally lovable and hatable at the same time. You find yourself rooting for them and also screaming at the television as the story develops.  The relatable female struggles of everyday acne and slut-shaming are set forth in a way that makes your remember your high school years and wish that you to had the ability to just “Hocus Pocus” anything you ever wanted, from boys liking you to clear skin.

Who can’t remember that bully at school who made cruel remarks or made you feel lesser?  Wouldn’t it have been fun to get revenge on him or her?

Plus, Robin Tunney is my wet dream. She’s smoking hot, naturally gorgeous, and her makeup is on point throughout the film. The underlying themes at the root of this story are female power, karma, and coming from a place of goodness.

What I love about the focus on the girls’ Wiccan ways is that their religion encourages Yin and Yang, by putting out into the Universe only what you are willing to get back. That carries through into our day-to-day lives and the morals we as a society want to put out.

One reason that “ The Craft” is inspiring, is that it makes the viewer have renewed excitement for having your squad by your side. After watching this movie the first time I went on a crazy shopping spree for Wiccan candles, books, and even signed up for multiple reiki classes, thats how empowered I felt by these women.

Whether witchcraft is something you believe in or not, what was absolutely powerful was Robin’s ability to realize that the women had really been taking too much from mother nature and needed to cease their revenge because it was coming back to them 10 fold. Overall, an easy watch and a real feminist vibe that will have you buying it and watching it over and over again.  Tell me what you think once you see it — if you haven’t already.


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