At 15, Luna Blaise Is Already a Triple Threat

Watch out, Jenny. A new girl’s about to be popping on the block and her name is Luna Blaise. At 15, she’s already appeared on TV shows like Fresh Off the Boat. She also calls the shots with her hot new single, “Over You,” a true bop for any girl who’s been ghosted.

Apart from being a budding singer and actress, the Los Angeles native started out as a child model and thanks to having parents in the industry, she is born to be a star.

You started off as a model, then you transitioned into film and TV. Now, you are building your name as a singer. What made you want to cross over from acting to singing?

Crossing over into music happened so naturally organic for me. I come from a very creative and musical family. My father is from Scotland and a filmmaker: he started out in music videos. My mother is Mexican-American and has deep roots in music and [then,] my big brother is a musical prodigy. Music has always run deep in my blood and [it’s] been an extreme influence in my life. I have been singing behind the scenes with my friends and family as long as I have been talking. I didn’t grow up watching TV.

I grew up watching amazing films and listening to incredible music. Some families have a movie night or game night our family had music nights basically all the time. Both my parents have a lot of professional friends in music. So every weekend, people would come over [where] we would have music salons. Our dining room was a full blown rehearsal space complete with drum kit, Fender Rhodes, amps and microphones. I think deep down inside it was always going to happen; I just didn’t know it would happen for me at fifteen.

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Congrats on releasing “Over You”! Who inspired you to write the song and what was it like when you wrote it?

Well, the inspiration for “Over You” came from life experiences that me and my friends have had. I’m only fifteen and I have never had a real boyfriend but I have had many CRUSHES and there is something that happens when you get that real serious crush with someone. You catch feels and think it’s gonna last forever. It was the second second song I have ever wrote and the experience was crazy cool. I really love the process of song writing.

The music video is super dope – I like how you aren’t afraid to show off your fun and funny side! Even though the song is about a breakup, why do you think it’s necessary to not take yourself too seriously?

Thank you so much! I am a free spirit and a goofball. I have never taken myself too seriously. I really try to stay present.

I can see that you are heavily influenced by Jennifer Lopez. Why do you look up to her?

Yes. Jennifer Lopez is a huge inspiration for me. I love how fearless and confident she is with every aspect of her career and life. I love that she is a dancer/actress/singer and continues to be successful in all areas.

You grew up being surrounded by being in the entertainment industry as your parents are in it. How have they encouraged you?

My parents have always encouraged, supported but, mostly educated me about working hard to success in this business. We as a family make every decision together in regards to my career. We are a very close family.

As an actress, you’ve been on Fresh Off the Boat and James Franco’s Memoria, which is based on his Palo Alto series. What differences have you encountered from going between film and TV?

Hmmm well… I suppose the most difference I have observed is that TV is very technical and film is more natural. They are really two different things. I always play the characters truthfully. I read, research and then throw it all away and play the character as [naturally] as I can. Not sure if this is a method [I swear by] but for me right now, it seems to be working.

Given that you’ve worked with some big names, have you ever had moments when you were starstruck?

Nah, so far… I have never been starstruck. I grew up on sound stages and sets. I have always been so comfortable in that environment. My parents know a lot of people — some of them just happen to be well-known in their professions. I think if I had grown up in another place and never had been around this life, perhaps I might get starstruck.

Since you rotate between acting and singing, what future projects can we anticipate?

I plan to go into the studio to work and write with different producers. I want to tour. I want to do a musical. I also want to incorporate acting into my music videos.

As an activist, you lean towards environmental causes, specifically with fighting against the California drought. When did you become interested and how does it affect you?

I went to this amazing school called The Country School before I started homeschooling. It was a very progressive and liberal school. We did a lot of learn by doing. One of the things I was fascinated by was the way our ecosystem worked. It all comes from the water: all of it. I learned that we humans were slowly destroying our ecosystem by polluting our oceans. That is where it began for me. What can we do to improve the situation? First, I think people need to really take the situation seriously. Educate yourself to find the things that your able to do in your life to make the situation better. Every little step helps.

Lastly, what is the most incredible moment in your life?

I’m only fifteen and not sure I’ve had that incredible moment yet. So for me, I feel my whole life has been a series of incredible moments.

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