[PREMIERE] ARI’s ‘Teachers’ Is A Jam For Girls Who Do What They Want

The up-and-coming Canadian singer ARI has just released the music video for her new song “Teachers,” which sounds something like a good Alessia Cara song, with a powerful anti-slutshaming message.

“I grew up with guys getting high-fives from friends and their dads for being sexually adventurous and girls getting called a slut or a whore for doing less or the same as than whatever the guy got praised for,” ARI says of her inspiration for writing the song. “Everyone should be equally as free to be sexually liberated in whatever way they please as long as it’s consensual and not hurting anyone.”

Gender issues have always been important to the “Pretty Little Villains” singer, and Ari maintains that her androgynous moniker is on purpose.

“I believe that gender is a spectrum, and we all contain a percentage of each gender on a sliding scale,” she says. I tend to feel 50/50 and I’ve gone through stages of being what has been labeled a ‘tomboy’ and also a times, a ‘girly girl.'”

Whether you’re a tomboy or girly girl, a jam is still a jam. Check out the new video below for “Teachers,” and purchase the track on iTunes here.

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