Anglo-Indian Megababe AMRIT on Her New Single ‘Blow’

We knew we needed to talk to Aussie megababe AMRIT after hearing her addictive new single “Blow.”

Her music is like a perfect mixture of 80s pop, alternative, and electronic with a heavy Bollywood influence and a whole lot of attitude. The Anglo-Indian pop singer came to NYC to start a DJing career before meeting her producer Sene at SXSW last year. The pair have since created a slew of jams we can’t get out of our head.

We spoke with AMRIT just before this year’s SXSW to get the scoop on her journey to NYC, cultural and music influences, and the importance of women in the music industry sticking together and looking out for each other.

What made you move to NYC from Perth? How did you then get into DJjing around the city?

I made the official move three years ago, but had been traveling back and forth for about five. Any gig I landed was mostly through word of mouth, or some serious hustling my behalf. Now it’s a little easier. When I first moved here, I didn’t really know anyone, so I had to build that network slowly.

When did you first decide to start making your own music? Did connections you made through DJing help you find the right collaborators?

I’ve been making my own music for awhile, but I really only started to take it seriously last year when Sene & I started working on this project. We actually met out at SXSW a couple of years ago, I was djing for another artist out there. He reached out to me later in NY to come talk shit over a track in my Australian accent, and when he found out I actually sung… We started working together!

Your songs are catchy, upbeat pop with a Bollywood influence. How important was it for you to include your cultural influences in your music and writing style?

Very. Bollywood was one of the earliest influences in my life, I grew up surrounded by it. It definitely transcends into the lyrics and production.

As a woman, do you find it difficult to break into the music industry with your music style and genre?

I think naturally as a woman, and especially as a woman of color, you will face difficulty no matter what industry you’re in. I try to use it to my advantage, to support one another, and give each other opportunities. I work with so many amazing women in the music industry, and I think it’s really important for us to stand by one another.

Do you find that your experience DJ gave you a better sense of what you wanted production-wise for your own music?

For sure, having that musical background (I studied music, and play the piano too) makes it easy to articulate what I need. I’m still learning how to produce on my own, eventually that’s something I’d like to pursue.

So far you’ve released two tracks we are obsessed with, “Blow” and “Lies”. Are you planning on releasing any EPs or a full length this year? How has the writing and recording process been so far?

Thank you, and yes I am! I actually finished the EP last year, and am working on new material now. The recording process so far has been super DIY. We actually had the opportunity to record in some amazing studios/ and spaces… but we kept it low key, so the majority of the EP was recorded in my bedroom, with this broken apogee that was held together by duct tape ha ha!

Your lyrics are honest, raw and real. How autobiographical is your music? Do you ever get inspired by other people, stories, or media? How important is it for you to be personal/transparent with your music?

I find inspiration everywhere, in art, movies, my surroundings. I try to keep it 100% transparent in my work, I feel like that might get me into some trouble though. My next single isn’t going to go down well with my mum ha, but no totally.. I always try to keep it real.

We are seeing a ton of great musicians and artists coming out of Australia. Can you tell us about your time growing up there and the music scene as you experienced it (making you own, djing or as a fan)?

There’s so much amazing music coming out of Australia right now. Meg Mac, she’s a dear friend of mine, Tame Impala, Ta-ku, Kucka, Bannoffee… to name a few. I think being so isolated and far removed from the rest of the world has done us good, mainstream pop culture hasn’t infiltrated as us much as here in the US or the UK, I think you can definitely hear that in the music

Do you plan on touring this year? If so, do you have an idea for what your live show will look like?

I do!! Right now it’s myself on the mic, and Sene on traktor or maschine. Dancers would be nice.

If you could tour with any other artist, who would it be?


Photo by Winter Taylor

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