AndrewAndrew x Target Collab So We Can See More Stylishly

DJ duo AndrewAndrew have come together with Target Optical to create a glasses line, so we can look great while wearing our specs. We chatted to them about their line and what’s coming up next!


How did you guys end up getting into eyewear?
We couldn’t read the chalkboard.

Is DJing on the back burner right now?
We’re so eclectic that nothing is ever truly on the back burner for us. Design and music may occupy a lot of our time these days but interviewing people for our podcast, editing videos for our theatre blog, and writing whether it’s about where we ate last night, or a TV pilot are all daily activities.

Can we catch you DJing and wearing your eyewear?
We’re so thrilled to finally be able to wear our own line of glasses they’re all we wear these days, no matter what we’re doing.

AndrewAndrew TO 2004_140

How did the collab with target come about?
At first it seemed a little out-of-the-blue, sure we’re glasses obsessed, but Target is this incredible company that works with huge names. But then we realized our relationship with Target stretches back for years, we’ve been at every major event they’ve thrown, often working in some capacity DJing, showcasing our designs etc., who knew we’d been flirting with collaboration all this time?

When is it available?
September 30th

AndrewAndrew TO 2004_140

How would you describe the line?
The line embodies all the essential elements of our style which we’ve refined over a decade and a half of working, living, and dressing in sync; conservatively quirky, casually overdressed, informally formal, nerd pride.

What’s coming up next?
There are so many exciting projects that are in the works for us right now, the best way to get a glimpse at what we’re cooking up is to subscribe to the podcast, it’s a weekly recap of what we’re doing/thinking/loving at the moment and it’s always only 30 minutes long because who has the time?!

AndrewAndrew TO 2002__140

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