One of our favorite  models gives us a little Q+A

Name: Andrej Pejic
Age: 21
Zodiac: sign Virgo
Height: 6’1′
Agency: DNA
Hometown: NY
When I was 12: I thought I wanted to be a witch
My first passion is: Politics
I was discovered: Working the street corner
People would be surprised by me if they knew I was: humble
If I wasn’t modeling I would still be :working that corner
I’m an: angel seeking a demon
My life is not complete without: Love
When I’m nervous: I cant eat or sleep
My biggest inspiration is: Donatella Versace
I am amazed by: the resilience of humanity
My favorite designer: is Alexander McQueen
My most exciting job to date:  cleaning a toilet in a strip club.
My motivation that keeps me going: To do well for my family, myself, and humanity.

styling credits : Hat  Adeen



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