American Horror Story Helping To Ring In October

Happy October. If you are dry on ways to help ring on the month of madness, American Horror Story is here to help. The first trailer featuring actual footage from the show has premiered online for all to see, and reasonably freak out over. With a two headed woman, a bearded lady and of course Jessica Lange singing. American Horror Story Freak show promises us all that the previous season of camped out witches couldn’t quite deliver. So because we too are getting a bit freaky over the new trailer, here are a few more times that American Horror Story had us losing our heads in October. Figuratively speaking of course.

The Sexy Maid Who Wasn’t Actually Sexy


Because everyone got a bit freaked out when Dylan McDermott was turned on by the old/young looking maid in the sexy short skirt.

The Time A Nun Seduced A Preacher


Ok, so maybe she was possessed by the devil when she did this but still. Damn.

Taissa Farmiga and Evan Peters Last Season


Pretty sure we all fangirled over this.

Emma Roberts and Evan Peters Last Season


And then this happened.

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