AllSaints Shows its AW2016 Collection in Tokyo

“I’m so over fashion week,” is something you’ll hear from basically any eyeroll-inducing fashion darling every damn season circa the major fashion weeks.

These are the types of fashion monsters who’ll Uber to the opening of an envelope, the types who’ll make you want to dance in oncoming traffic. They’re the worst. And they’ve obviously never been invited to Tokyo Fashion Week.

Fun fashion-y fact: That’s where the real sartorial-slaying shit is going down. (Yes, there are other cities in the world besides New York City, Paris, Milan, London… Omfg.)

Designers with a penchant for the unconventional, it’s time to take some serious notes, specifically from AllSaints. The badass Brit brand switched things up and headed to Tokyo Fashion Week this season to present their fall/winter ’16 collection, and it all went down in a warehouse-ish space alongside the Tokyo Bay replete with towering stacked flashing television screens of the AllSaints-clad immaculately cast models being crazily cute Tokyo baes (get it?!).

The same models, some cast from the effortlessly hip streets of Tokyo, lined the white walls of the severely spotlight-lit room like a work of downtown-friendly, living, breathing art, as editors and fashion kids got their Snapchat on. It was street style photographer heaven.

The excitement wasn’t just about the killer designer duds — we need those plaid trenches, that leopard print coat, and everything leather, btfuckingway — AllSaints is the first major Western brand to show at TFW. Y’all better slay! And earlier in the month, they launched a pop-up on Harajuku’s famous Cat Street.

Everyone loves to say they’re “big in Japan,” but AllSaints talks the talk, and walks the catwalk walk. And they did it first. Mewow!

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