Allie Teilz Might Just Convince You to Rock a Suit

When you think of a pantsuit, what do you think of? Probably Hillary Clinton, right? But there’s another name you should know about.

Allie Teilz is a professional DJ, but her signature look when spinning tracks is a pantsuit. The look is so signature in fact that Allie decided to take it up a notch and release her own line of suits for other bad-ass women to stunt in.

We talked to Allie about her new line of chic af suits, and asked her for some tips on how we can rock the shit out of a pantsuit.


Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Phoenix, it was very beautiful. I found an outlet when I was really young with music and style instead  of the normal things. When I was 13, and still living in conservative-land, I started working in a record store, and I’d look at all the album covers of Bowie and stuff. It’s strange how that work in the parallels

Was it hard switching from DJ-ing from to fashion designing?

Music has always been my first love, but I have also loved style, so when I first started to play shows, I was tweaking vintage stuff to make my own looks. When I wanted to make a really powerful stage presence. I was always looking for that Soul Train, Bowie, Grace Jones vibe, and they go really hand in hand. 

Where did the inspiration for your line of suits come from?

I was on my tour with my boyfriend at a time, and they brought out this rack of outfits for a red carpet, and nothing fit for me. I really didn’t want to wear a dress or high heels, so I started looking through the mens rack and I found a suit that was like an extra small and tried it on. After trying that on, I fell deeply in love with a suit. It blends gender lines, is inspiring constantly, and really enforces self love. 

And it was the first time I had worn a suit. It’s this liberating, sexy feeling that I had never really experienced before. That sparked an obsession, and then I started to realize there weren’t a lot of great options, but especially for women when it comes to really sexy suits. It was also so hard to find an affordable, yet awesome suit. So I started making my own patterns, and it really became my staple after that.

Have you ever dealt with sexism or someone who thought suits weren’t for women, and how did you overcome it?

Oh yeah, for sure, it’s surprising that in 2016 sexism is still running so rampant. I’d have people tell me that girls should wear dresses, and I was always like well, we’re not in the early 20th century. Women, and anyone else for that matter, can dress how they want, and I think now than more ever it’s important think for women to own that control over their bodies and do what makes them feel better.

And even though pantsuit nation took a different turn during the election, to me personally, I love the suit and the way I feel in it. Even though I have faced that sexism, the majority of the time this project is met with a positive response, it’s very powerful. A suit is a staple of power and confidence. Look at Grace Jones, Madonna and Hillary Clinton; they’re so powerful in suits. 

What’s the biggest misconception about fashion designing?

I think people don’t realize their own power sometimes. If you really have an idea, you can make it happen. Like especially now if you have designs, you can learn how to make them. There are so many resources and with the internet, you can learn and do it. A lot of people might like fashion, but not know their place in it. You can teach yourself how to sew and see them come to life. 

Have there been any times when you doubted or had second thoughts about this project?

Oh, for sure. It’s a natural human thing to doubt yourself and not have your own back, but when the thought comes, I have to remind myself why I got into this in the first place, and what I’m aiming for. Even though at times, it’s easy to become disillusioned, it’s important to trace back your passion because there’s always going be obstacles.

Who was your inspiration for this line? 

It has to Grace Jones and the album cover of “Nightclubbing.” She embodies everything I wanted to my brand to be. That’s how I see and feel when I wear the suit. No one has worn a suit like her. 

What’s the key accessory that every girl needs to rock a suit?

I think the key is pasties and to do a suit with no shirt on underneath. That’s my favorite. Or, I love chokers or simpler necklaces paired with a simple collared blouse underneath. Sneakers is another good way to really wear that feeling. 

It’s such a personal thing, and it’s so versatile. Rocking it is about knowing your personal style and it gives you a lot of freedom to play around. It’s great, you just throw the suit on you and feel like a superwoman or superman.

Who would be your dream person to dress?

Probably Grace Jones or Bowie, but that ship has sadly sailed. 

What’s next for you?

I’m going to Jamaica to DJ Grace Jones’ party, working on exploring the agender collection and planning some summer and spring lines. I’ll incorporate a lot more floral and lighter colors than the current line, but this debut was more satin and holidays palette.

So yes, I’ll be working on the summer collection and continuing to research awesome alternatives about wool. It’s not even for non-animal just environmental concerns. Wool is just dated. 



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