All About ripple⁺ Droplets, The Ultimate Gift for Every It-Girl Obsessed With Wellness

Tis’ the damn season for wondering what to get the girl who has everything – especially the wellness girly. We all have her in our lives – that one friend who always knows your horoscope, understands crystal energy, or in the best case, knows how to set the vibes and create the coziest ambiance all winter long. Enter the ripple+ incense droplets, the solution to the ultimate question – and chances are, your go-to wellness gal doesn’t already have them, because they just hit the market and are ready to hard launch into her home and heart. 

ripple⁺ has emerged as the trusted next-gen brand for the health-conscious cool kid, with their plant-based, non-addictive, and zero-nicotine alternative products taking over the town. And now, the brand is amplifying aromatherapy through their latest launch yet, the incense droplets.

Each droplet is distinctly designed to emit transformative scents that deliver calm, peaceful energy directly into your space. Created from an eccentric blend of handpicked botanicals, selected resins and premium essential oils, the droplets spark a sensory awakening that instantaneously promote inner wellness. 

Push aside your candles and the fragrance sprays and make way for the hottest new product on the market, that makes every part of the experience meditative, so let’s light it up. Once you ignite the incense and let it burn, prepare for 10 minutes of wellness magic from your choice of one of aromas, each developed to curate a unique feeling. The health-conscious lady in your life is bound to become obsessed with every aspect of the ripple+ droplet, from packaging to fueling the fire of each scent, whose names emulate a stronger sense of self. From happy to focus, boost to dream, and relax to power, each droplet novel scent is designed to inspire one’s desired state of mind.

What better way to ring in the new year and kickstart your January 2024 wellness goals than by setting the mood – and standard – now at home? The perfect stocking stuffer, last minute gift, and ultimate beacon of love, you simply can’t go wrong by gifting the gal who has everything the ripple+ droplets this holiday season. Let’s rip it real good.

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