Alicia Silverstone is blessing us with a “Clueless” TV appearance

The 90s gawds are smiling on us, because Alicia Silverstone is making a TV appearance in her full “Clueless” regalia.

Chrissy Teigen spilled the beans about the performance by posting a pic with Alicia on Twitter this Saturday. So it’s pretty clear that Alicia is making an appearance on “Lip Sync Battle,” the show Chrissy co-hosts, as Cher.

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“How am I supposed to sleep?” Chrissy tweeted alongside the photo. “I think I’ve asked for 2 photos in my entire life. @AliciaSilv and beyonce.”

Her daughter Luna was also in the pic, looking p unimpressed.

A makeup artist from the show shared a pic with both Alicia and Mena Suvari, who apparently chose not to recreate her own “American Beauty” high school lewk.

As for people freaking out over Alicia looking so young 22 years after first filming “Clueless”: some Twitter commenters speculated her vegan diet deserves the credit, so maybe pump up the veggies if you’re planning to get away with schoolgirl duds at 41.

It’s not clear when the “Clueless”-themed lip sync will run, but judging by the outfits, this was probably for a Halloween ep of the show, which would mean it’ll be on this week or next. We’re totally buggin’.

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