Alexis Kenzie Tells Us What Makes Her Instagram Pop Off

If you’re not already following Alexis Kenzie on Instagram, then you’re doing it wrong.

This Instagram babe has a timeline full of fashion inspiration, hair and beauty goals and landscapes that are so surreal, they must’ve come from her imagination. The only word to describe her feed: dreamy.

We spoke to Alexis to find out about her biggest social media inspirations and how her background influenced her rise to being a social media queen.

Read the full interview, below.

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I’m 18 years old and from Orange County, California.

Where did you grow up and how did that shape you into the person you are right now?

I was born in and spent the first half of my life in The Bay Area and the other half in SoCal. They’ve both had such a big impact on my style and attitude. NorCal is more laid-back and SoCal is a bit more fast-pace. That’s my personality right there: chill but can get little crazy.

What is your favorite IG to follow for fashion inspo?

I don’t really follow anyone for fashion inspo. Sometimes I’ll be creeping on Instagram and see something random and it’ll influence my next outfit but for the most part I don’t follow anyone specific.

And for hair & beauty inspo? 

My hair and beauty is the same as my fashion style. I’ll be on Instagram and see something I like, screenshot it, and try it out adding my own twist. 

Which IG account do you think is the most creative and artsy? 

@est525pm. It’s full of cute pictures and quotes. 

Which hot guys do you follow? 

Drake, duh.

Crown your Snapchat King and Queen? 

Can I crown myself Snapchat King and Queen? 

Who would you say has the most underrated Instagram? 

I think @madebyjulianmedina is underrated for sure. He’s a photographer from New York and he has so many awesome shots of the city. It makes me want to go to New York so badly because I’ve never been.

What is your beauty secret? 

Grapeseed oil. I use it to moisturize my face and I use it on my hair to maintain frizz and add shine.

Read us your last DM. 

“U look like u either needa be in a vampire diaries Typa show or atl 2 or something ur dope p much what I’m saying.”

How do you feel about people comparing you to Rihanna?

It’s beyond a compliment! I do not deserve to be compared to such a queen. I personally don’t see the resemblance but I appreciate the compliment. 

Do you get annoyed when people ask you your ethnicity? 

Not at all. I’m proud to represent my ethnicity. I’m Creole and Ukrainian.

Post and delete?

I’m the most indecisive person I’ve ever met when it comes to positing pictures on Instagram. I post and delete way too much. I should be banned from Instagram just for doing that. I always warn people to not turn on my post notifications.

Photography by Amber Asaly

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