Alana Champion Falls From Heaven

Our newest issue of Galore is all about the Girl Cult, and who better to embody that than this angel?

Alana Champion is one of our fav it-girls, and she has her own cult of followers online. You might catch her chilling with her BFF Lily-Rose Depp or slaying the Insta game.

Check out these exclusive photos shot by another one of our favs, Chuck Grant, and scroll down for a video by Huckleberry Hunter.

Photography: Chuck Grant

Angel Dust from Huckleberry Hunter on Vimeo.

A word from the director:

Alana is a real life Pebbles Flinstone to me. She is really good at baseball and loves to scheme. You also never really know whether she’s two, nine, or fifteen years old. Probably infinite. Anyhow, age plays a really big role in our lives. “I have a condition called paraphilic infantilism,” says Alana, “meaning I am a grown person who luvs nappies and drinks from fuckin’ sippy cups.” Sometimes instead of going out we will just pretend we are babies or act like grandmas and grandpas. The mind isn’t really there or it might be on its way out. That’s how “Angel Dust” came about.

“A certain Mickey Madden was getting on my nerves so I decided to kill him and have Hunter record it on his digicam,” states Alana. And this is true. Mickey was really getting our knickers in a twist… You really don’t want to try Alana’s patience.

If I were to equate Alana to a weapon of mass destruction it would be a purple binky concealing a home made RGD-5 hand grenade — precious but highly dangerous. She’s a yabba dabba doosie!

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