Adina Kamkhatchi’s American Dream: Accessible Jewelry

A true example of the American dream, Adina Kamkhatchi began by making jewelry in the basement of her Brooklyn home to share with friends and family. Her goal was to create a brand of on-trend pieces that made any and everyone feel luxurious, regardless of the amount they had to spend. What started as a small Instagram account used to showcase her pieces has amassed over 600k followers, and she utilizes her verified account to share her designs with the world. Her various collections are uniquely timeless and trendy and appeal to all tastes and palettes.

Remaining true to her initial ideals of making jewelry accessible to all, her pieces can now be seen anywhere from the red carpets to the streets, on celebs like Kendall Jenner, Blake Lively, Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid, Charli D’Amelio, Billie Eilish, and Cardi B and sold in Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Revolve, Verishop and Neiman Marcus.


Can you tell us more about your collection? What is the inspiration behind the new style?

Our newest collection will involve an array of popular seasonal colors including emerald, sapphire and ruby. Due to the continued success of our butterfly collection, we have combined the iconic trend with flowers for an all new release. This collection is inspired by the vibrant shades of the flowers we have been seeing this season, which we have seen blossom heavily into fashion from every single marketplace. 

How would you describe your contribution to fashion?

Adinas Jewels has done an exemplary job at forming trends rather than following them. We are very keen on picking up subtle details we believe will grow into lasting trends before they even hit the market. We ride these waves until we can bring it to fruition, and then begin to promote it across all of our platforms.

Which artists do you envision wearing your new jewelry collection?

There are many artists that I envision wearing this new collection. However, someone I really look up to, and believe would wear this collection perfectly is a visionary and entrepreneur, someone that notices trends before they make it to the runway, and utilizes jewelry for self expression rather than to fit in.

How would you describe your journey as an independent artist?

My journey as an independent artist is almost unbelievable. I am so happy to see just how far Adina’s has come and I am eternally grateful to all of the people who have put their faith into me and my brand. I work really, really hard so that in the end everything comes out perfect, and nothing brings me more joy than when my customers and followers are finally able to see my visions become realities.

In what ways do the nuances of your identity present themselves in the industry?

The way in which the nuances of my identity present themselves in my work are through my desire to be different. I am always striving to create unique, unparalleled styles, even if that means experimenting with new stones, chains, and charms. Adina’s Jewels stands out by being different, and by trying to do what no one else has done before. We take quality very seriously, and believe that our items of high quality stand out significantly in comparison to cheaper knock-offs.

What advice do you have for young aspiring designers?

The best advice I can give to young, aspiring designers is to never let fear that the world will not approve of your designs deter you from following your dreams. You’d be surprised how many times I launched a collection that I was sure would flop, and time and time again I was proven wrong. Believe in yourself, in the process, and most importantly in your designs, because that is what shows who you truly are and people will love you for it because it’s raw and authentic. 

Will you have a new collection for the New Year?

Yes, we have several collections for 2021 and are extremely excited. We have been working on this for quite some time and hope that our audience loves it just as much as we do. So stay tuned! 

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Special thank you to Albert Ayal.

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