Abigail Ratchford’s Guide to Swatting Creeps Out of Your DMs

Having a random dude slide into your DMs is basically the digital equivalent of cat-calling.

In the best cases it’s flattering. In the worst cases, it can make you want to call the cops and file a restraining order. But no matter what, it’s never the start of a star-crossed love affair. Or even a hookup.

Yet for some reason, guys keep doing it. So we decided to ask Abigail Ratchford, a super hot model with over 4 million Instagram followers, what she does when people slide into hers.

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Who’s the most random person ever to slide into your DMs?

Haha, I have had my fair share of random DM slidage, but a funny one that was well publicized about a year ago, was when this L.A. Lakers basketball player DM’d me. The problem was, he kept commenting on my photos “check your dm” so, of course his followers and mine saw all his public comments and the story went viral.

What are some of the most common messages you get in your DMs, and how do you interpret them?

I get a lot of nice ones, then some mean ones of course, but the most common one I always see is “send me some nudes.” It makes me want to reply and be like “yea sure, give me 10 minutes.” Some people are just crazy! Haha.

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What’s the better course of action when you get a dirty DM: ignore it or respond politely?

I always just ignore them. I think any response at all will keep a door opened that I want TOTALLY shut. So definitely ignore, and if they persist, block them.

What’s the most creative DM you’ve ever gotten?

The most creative DMs I used to get were from this boy who would superimpose his head or body into pics of me with my friends that I posted. Then the message would say “we look great together, right baby?!” He was harmless, so I thought it was pretty clever and funny.

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Do you ever get any DMs that actually make you laugh/make you want to date the person?

One time I received a DM that said, “I heard this is where it goes down,” because of the Yo Gotti song. It was when the song first came out so, the line wasn’t terribly overused by everyone at that point. It was cute and simple, but made me laugh.

Have you ever actually met up with someone based on DMs?

I don’t think I ever did. If I did, it was someone who I already knew through mutual friends, but we never exchanged contacts. Then the DM exchange happens, and everyone goes out together etc., but I’d never meet up with someone random through DMs.

What’s the best way to get rid of someone who won’t stop sliding into your DMs?

BLOCK. BLOCK. BLOCK!! It’s the only fool proof method to permanently reject unwanted, creepy DMs from someone.

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