A THC-infused soda, a high-fashion tote bag, and other things I obsessed over this month

Howdy, friends! I hope you have had a fabulous 2022 so far. I’ve been leaning into healthy habits since January. Trying to cut out unhealthy, processed foods, getting outside more, doing yoga and meditation daily, and saying “no” to stuff that doesn’t serve me. This month’s obsessions are all about chilling out (EG: a THC-infused beverage), ditching preservatives (EG: natural body butters and whole food granola), and going green (EG: a high-fashion reusable lunch bag and a bright tote bag). Plus, an affordable corset, because who says healthy bitches can’t be hot?

1. An Eco-Friendly Tote That’ll Seriously Upgrade All Your Errand Fits

KOKOLU Daily Eight Tote Bag, $39

Tiny bags may be trendy, but I’m the kind of girl that’s always carrying around my phone, my wallet, a big keychain, snacks, gum, sunnies, and more. Big canvas bags aren’t exactly chic, so I upgraded my errand bag with this “Daily Eight Tote Bag” from KOKOLU. The “Daily Eight Tote Bag” has the feel and space of a canvas bag, but with a high-fashion (and way more fun) look. The bag retails for just $39 (pricier than a canvas bag, but way cheaper than a Birkin) and will add a cute pop of color to all your outfits.

Even cooler? The bags are made from recycled post-consumer water bottles and their bright bold colors come from Dope Dye Technology (a zero-waste process that saves up to 80% of energy when combined with their 3D Knitting Technology during dyeing). The bags are also machine washable and If you’re like me, you’ll be surprised how much you wear it! I’ve already worn my bag for running errands, for dinner, and for cute brunch dates because I feel like it goes with so much and is the perfect size for all kinds of activities. They also just dropped two new limited-edition colors: Barbie pink and Lavender, so I highly recommend snagging this sustainable bag that’s gonna be your new BFF.


2. A non-costly corset that’ll hug you in all the right places

Windsor Store Rose Bliss Floral Mesh Corset, $39.90

I’m not sure if it’s Bridgerton, Instagram, or the fact that most of us were stuck wearing sweats for two years, but corsets are definitely having a moment. You probably don’t want to throw a boatload of cash on a potentially fleeting trend that isn’t appropriate for a vast amount of occasions, but you don’t wanna get a cheap one that doesn’t do the whole sucking your body in and making your boobies pop thing. I found the perfect middle ground with Windsor’s collection of corsets. The one I snagged is now sold out, but they have a ton of other super cute options that won’t break the bank. I personally love this floral one because it says “I’m cute and innocent” to juxtapose the sexiness of a corset. I also love this basic one because it looks like it’ll go with literally everything you own.


3. Whole food granola that is actually healthy (and delicious)

Supernola Superfood Clusters, 6 Piece Variety Pack, $14.99

Granola has had a wild ride. First everyone swore it was healthy, then they discovered that most granola is filled with sugars, artificial sweeteners, and gluten (gasp!). I mostly cut granola from my kitchen, until I discovered a brand called Supernola. Their granolas are organic, plant-based, non-gmo, paleo, gluten-free, and contain no refined sugar—and they’re actually good! I’ve been trying to eat something small in the mornings even when I’m not hungry, and their granola has been perfect for that. The Dark Chocolate Nut Crunch flavor is also awesome for when I’m craving something sweet. And best of all, it’s a female-founded brand!


4. A Rockstar-worthy lunch bag for back-to-the-office meal prep

The Rolling Stones Cooler Lunch Bag with Interior Insulated Lining, $29.99

If you’re going back to the office, I’m sorry. But, maybe if you’re an extrovert, or you live alone, or you love your co-workers, then it’s a good thing! However, you’re probably going to have to re-up your work wardrobe, brush up on your office etiquette, and start packing lunches again. The good news is that I have the perfect lunch box for you to bring along for your back to the office reveal. This rockin’ bag from B Fashion says “I may wear pantsuits and polos, but I’m a Rockstar when I’m off the clock.” Aside from the cool pattern, it’s also a great size, super durable, and insulated. It also looks really easy to wash, although I haven’t attempted that myself just yet.


5. Vegan body butter that feels like a heavenly dessert

The Body Shop Almond Milk Body Butter, $22

If you’re preparing your dry winter skin for its big spring debut, you should cop some of The Body Shop’s new collection of body butters. The brand actually invented body butters (the founder’s daughter came up with the name “body butter”) and they just recently relaunched all 13 of their core scents with new formulations that are fully vegan and made with 95% natural ingredients, plus recyclable packaging!


6. A drink that’ll get your body high in all the right ways

Wunder 4MG Grapefruit Hibiscus Sessions, 4 Pack

While I’m typically stone-cold sober, I’ve recently started experimenting with THC in edible form to deal with chronic stress and tension in my body that’s led to a slew of other issues. I don’t like to get so high that I can’t function, I usually just want to calm down a little and maybe fall asleep. 2-5 MG is kind of perfect for me, so I immediately fell in love with WUNDER’s cannabis-infused sparkling beverages. Their standard flavors come with 2 MG THC, 2 MG DELTA-8, and 4 MG CBD. They also offer higher dosed versions that include 20 MG of THC, so just be sure you’re grabbing the right kind if you’re looking for a low dose. My favorite flavor is the Lemon Ginger, and I feel like the high comes a lot faster with these than other edibles I’ve tried, which I love!


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