A Dazzling Summer of Love With Alysha

Written and edited by SHIRLEY REYNOZO

R&B singer Alysha shows us all about being sexy in our latest Summer Issue shot in Phuket, Thailand. Phuket’s captivating landscapes paint the background from which Alysha radiantly stands out. Our intimate photo series allows us to see how Alysha’s vulnerability and confidence meld into one through a mesmerizing stance that depicts her powerful essence.

As Alysha takes inspiration from her surrounding landscapes, we are able to experience the moments of respite with her. The dazzling lights from which she is photographed allows us to imagine an enchanted summer that’s to come. Ultimately Alysha stepped into the frame to warm eyes and break hearts, we caution you before you scroll and become as obsessed with the pictures of Alysha as we are! 

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Much like our sensual photo series we have prepared for our Galore readers, Alysha music soundtracks the midnight hour. Her music slows down to a standstill the way her music is like smoke that curls around the room of an after-party. Aysha’s love of music was powered by the soulful sounds of Sade, Amy Winehouse, Erykah Badu, D’Angelo and Lauryn Hill – but also the revolutionary grunge of Nirvana, and gospel from attending her local church. These alternative influences infiltrate her music, with an unexpected production flourish here and a melodic twist there.

“Whenever I write a song I have to feel a really strong emotion,” she explains. “I have to be really upset or really in love or infatuated with someone or something to write about it.

Cataloguing the sounds of heartbreak, the tangle of coming of age, and the unstoppable pulse of the city, her fusion of lo-fi neo-soul and pulsating R&B encircles her velvety vocals and intuitive songwriting, setting her aside as one to watch in 2022. Amidst the ever-changing landscape of music, something remarkable and raw is stirring within the London-hailed Cuban-Indian rising star with her hypnotic new sound.

Alysha made a big splash with her debut EP at the beginning of 2020 with “Midnight Rendezvous”, working with esteemed producers AKA Block and David Tickle on the sultry five-part selection of singles, which draw upon her romantic experiences – from longing, to lust, to those first glimmers of love. Songs such as “Love or Lust” and “Boys Hurt You” have rippled through the internet, garnering Alysha fans worldwide.

Next up, she’s working on her highly-anticipated sophomore EP, with the lead track from the record written and produced by both Bad Milk and Alysha. “Sugar Sweet” bubbles with nostalgic synths before her playful vocals dance upon a simmering R&B bassline. 

“It’s just life experiences, and each of these songs talk about really weird situations.” she explains about her follow-up EP. “One song is about me and my best friend liking the same guy, and then another one is about liking a guy and not knowing whether he had a girlfriend or a girl best friend. Another explores this guy calling me on the phone and he won’t leave me alone; and other one is about me finding God. It’s stuff that I don’t think you hear all the time.”

Alysha tells the story of being fully consumed in wanting someone and craving the rush that comes with interacting with a new romance. Throughout the EP, it’s clear her sonic identity has come to fruition with age and experience, especially when it comes to her songwriting, as she touches upon themes of jealousy, religion, boundaries.


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Writer & Editor SHIRLEY REYNOZO @moyamusic_

Graphic Artist: Sebastián Chicchón @jager.noon

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