9 Ugly Sweaters You Can Get Without Breaking The Bank

Ugly sweater parties always seem like a good idea until you go to Target and the three options that they have are like $300 each.

Even if you manage to find one within your price range, odds are there will be at least three other people wearing the same exact sweater and what’s the fun in that? Luckily, your friends at Galore have found a selection of sweaters we can pretty much guarantee that no one else will have and at pretty reasonable prices.

Take a look at some of our options below.

1. Kim Kardashian Crying Sweater


Your sweater doesn’t have to be christmas themed for it to dominate this year’s holiday party. This sweater featuring a pattern made out of Kim Kardashian’s crying face will more than likely be a hit wherever you go. *Kourtney voice* Kim crying is the funniest thing ever.

2. Deers Humping Sweater


Ah. Nothing says Christmas like a visual of a bunch of deers getting it on. If you’re bold enough to wear this humping reindeer christmas sweater, head over to spencersonline.com. There will definitely be more than a few that appreciate this one.

3. Two Person Ugly Christmas Sweater: Deck The Bathroom


What’s more romantic than a two person sweater featuring santa taking a sh*t? Match your significant other this season in this Deck the Bathroom sweater from stupid.com. It’s guaranteed to make everyone die of laughter. Plus, you can easily split the cost with whoever you share it with.

4. Carlton Ugly Sweater


Is there anyone who doesn’t love the Fresh Prince? There’s just something about a sweater with a giant photo of Carlton’s face on it that makes me laugh. Amazon also carries a variety of other sweaters featuring Will’s face and other TV characters. Buy it here

5. Sweater Dress


So this one may not be your typical ugly sweater, but it’s just too adorable to not be worn somewhere. Available in four different styles, this sweater dress is super affordable and cute as hell. Plus, you can probably get more than one use out of it somewhere down the line.

6. Sexy Ugly Christmas Sweater


Ok so this one is a littttttle over budget, but you can’t say you either LOL’d or freaked the f*ck out when you saw it. I can fully assure that no one else will have this sweater, hands down. If you’re into the whole shock factor thing or you’ve just got a fucking awesome sense of humor, head over to Etsy for this one.

7. Kanye West Christmas Sweater


You can never go wrong with Kanye. While this is a man’s shirt, an ugly sweater doesn’t have to be a perfect fit. Buy it in an extra small, throw it over a pair of leggings and call it oversized. #Yeezyseason

8. Let’s Get Blitzened Sweater


Who doesn’t love corny puns, especially when they’re Christmas themed? This off the shoulder “Let’s Get Blitzened” sweater may be cheesy af, but it’s also super adorable. If you’re into a simpler look, this one is definitely the way to go.

9. Customized Ugly Sweater


If you REALLY want a one of a kind ugly sweater, you can customize your own at CustomizedGirl. Got a hilarious drunk picture of your best friend? Stick it on the sweater. Have embarrassing baby pictures of your brother? On the sweater it goes. If you’re going to a party full of close friends, you’ll definitely be the hit of night.

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