9 Old Hollywood Celebs Who’d Be Considered F*ckboys Now

The word fuckboy is a new and incredibly useful term.

Back in the day, your neighborhood fuckboy was probably referred to as a “playboy,” “bachelor,” or “man’s man.” Those are all compliments, btw. There was literally no insult for a guy who liked to manipulate and fuck over women.

But nowadays, men don’t control the media, especially not online. And that’s why we finally have the word “fuckboy” for putting these assholes in their place.

It begs the question, though: which studs of yesteryear were down-low fuckboys who got away with shady behavior because they were hot and famous and no one knew quite what to call them?

Forget the man-bun wearing, hype-beast douches of today! These hunks were all the rage before the modern day fuckboy ruined lives in their Roche-Runs. We’ve gathered 10 of the baddest fuck-boys of the past.

1. Clint Eastwood

The now 86-year-old actor used to be one of Hollywood’s most notorious womanizers (and still is really). The actor has been married twice, has kids with FIVE different women. and has an unconfirmed amount of children. Dude got around.

He also had a 14-year affair with co-star Sondra Locke while STILL married to his first wife, Maggie Johnson. In her memoir, Locke says that Clint “persuaded her to have two abortions and a tubal ligation under false pretenses,” according to ABC. She also “accused him of sabotaging her directorial career after they split up and revealed that he secretly fathered two children with another woman during the last three years of their relationship.”

And the list goes on from there. Zamn, imagine his holiday season.

Source: ABC

2. Joe DiMaggio

While his short-lived (and by short we mean 274 days of marriage) all-American romance with Marilyn Monroe was coming to an end in 1954, a jealous Joe DiMaggio followed in Frank Sinatra’s footsteps by hiring a private investigator to follow her around, just hoping that he might catch her cheating on him.

One night, Sinatra and DiMaggio, backed by five mafioso dudes in suits, went to an apartment complex in West Hollywood,  DiMaggio knew Monroe was having an affair with her voice coach, and he wanted to catch them in the act. Marilyn and Joe also got into several altercations, many of which ended with Marilyn being abused.

After their marriage officially ended, Joe was rumored to have slept with all of the 1950s Hollywood starlets that looked somewhat like Marilyn. If Instagram was around back then, you know he would’ve uploaded pics of himself with all of them.

Source: NY Post


3. John F. Kennedy

JFK might be the most iconic fuckboy of the bygone era. Before the Oval Office, he was getting down with one of the most celebrated strippers of all time: Blaze Starr. While in office, and still married to Jackie, he had several affairs with White House secretaries and interns, and most famously, Marilyn Monroe.

Another one of his rumored side chicks, Mary Pinchot Meyer, was shot dead one year after JFK’s assassination. Many people think it was part of the giant coverup and conspiracy theory surrounding his death, but many people also believe in chemtrails, so we’ll withhold judgment on that part.

Source: CNN


4. Marlon Brando

Known for his good looks and screaming “STELLLLLAAAAA” and muttering “I’ll make an offer he can’t refuse,” Marlon Brando was revealed to be insanely addicted to sex.

In a documentary that was recently released, Marlon confessed to this addiction, and according to the Daily Mail, “he says his sex drive was so high he was like a ‘beast'” with women. He apparently had “women coming in the door and going out the window.” Aside from a brief relationship with James Dean, he was also rumored to have an affair with Marilyn Monroe and several of his co-stars.

He also reportedly said this in 2004, before his death: “Like a large number of men, I, too, have had homosexual experiences and I am not ashamed. I have never paid much attention to what people think about me.”

A true fuckboy never discriminates.

Source: The Daily Mail 


5. Frank Sinatra

This one really shocked us: not Frank too!

Here’s just a small sampling of the crazy shit he did: Sinatra hosted sex parties in casinos, he was once arrested for sleeping with a married woman (which used to be considered a crime back then), he once starred in a porno, and according to one of his four wives, Ava Gardner, he was gifted in the dick department.

He also had an affair with Marilyn Monroe (anyone else seeing a pattern on this list?). His one rule? No gang bangs. Aw, well at least he was kind of considerate!

When he started getting along in age, he also married Mia Farrow when she was 21 and he was 50. Handling your midlife crisis by taking a borderline child bride? You can’t get much more fuckboy-ish than that.

Source: Maxim 


6. Humphrey Bogart

In his biography, the Casablanca star was estimated to have slept with over 1,00o women. That number is ridiculous. The book also details his “voracious sexual appetite,” and affairs with some well-known starlets including Bette Davis, Jean Harlow, Marlene Dietrich and Ingrid Bergman, a co-star in the famous movie “Casablanca.”

During his second marriage to Mary Phillips, he was really depressed and was afraid he was gay, and even contemplated suicide. Then he met actress Lauren Bacall, who he thought of as the love of his life after three unsuccessful marriages. Fourth time’s a charm?

Source: The Telegraph 

7. Charlie Chaplin

The funny guy with the mustache was apparently into the whole age difference thing. He hooked up with many of the co-stars in his movies, most of which were young girls around the age of 16.

Charlie was also involved in several affairs during his marriages, had an insane amount of estranged children, and there were also many allegations of abuse against him from actresses that were half his age. When he was 50, his fourth marriage was to an 18-year-old Oona O’Neill, another aspiring actress.

Source: Biography


8. John Wayne

America’s favorite cowboy was also a womanizer! During his three marriages, he had multiple affairs, and seven children. Two of the affairs ended up being long term, and overlapped marriages.

One lasted three years with Marlene Dietrich, who was a German actress. The two didn’t even try to hide their affair while filming their movie, “Seven Sinners.”

“When Wayne arrived daily on the movie set, Dietrich would leap into his arms and wrap her legs around him,” according to The Daily Mail. He also had an affair with Maureen O’Hara, another actress famous for western themed films.

Source: The Daily Mail


9. Elvis Presley

Ughhh, the heart-throb of all heart-throbs.

Elvis apparently had a thing for taking girls’ virginity. He slept with many fans, taking advantage of all of the sex that his fame could bring him. According the author of his biography, Joel Williamson, “Elvis was skillful in the wooing process. When he wanted, he could make a girl — an audience of one — feel that she was the only one in the whole world for him.”

He also had a thing for watching couples make love through a two way mirror, and after Priscilla gave birth to their daughter Lisa Marie, Elvis did not want to have sex with her anymore. Their marriage fell apart after that, he invited Miss Tennessee 1972 Linda Thompson to move into Graceland with him.

Source: The Daily Mail 

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