8 Ways to Improve Your Life on Spring Break Instead of Destroying It

When we think of spring break, we think of partying on the beach, A LOT of drinking and random hookups.

But what if spring break was actually used for relaxing purposes? Instead of hooking up with strangers and being hungover for a week straight, take this spring break to do a little self care. Here are eight ways to kick start your self care spring break.

1. Start with a clean space.

If your room or apartment is cluttered you definitely will not be able to relax. A clean space is the start to a healthy mind.  Once your space is clear, you a free to think about the thing that really matters: you.

2. Pamper yourself.

Since you’re not spending money on traveling, hotels, food and drinks, why not treat yourself to a spa day. Let’s face it, we all want to feel like a princess while getting mani pedis and massages. A spa day is a perfect day to relax and spend some time with yourself.

3. Go ahead and binge watch your favorite show girl, you deserve it.

Netflix can be the biggest trap but also a savior. Binge watching is the perfect way to get your mind off off everyday stresses and get lost in a series.


4. Meditate.

This may seem like an obvious step to any self care regimen but it doesn’t mean you have to sit in silence with your legs crossed repeating a mantra. Meditation is whatever you want it to be. Taking a walk to appreciate your surroundings, or just sitting and listening to music can be forms of meditation. There is no right or wrong form of meditation, so do you boo.

5. Exercise.

Whether it be running, going to the gym for an hour, walking, dancing or even simple stretching, exercise can and will relieve stress. You don’t have to go all Teyana Taylor and drown yourself in sweat, but a little cardio wont hurt.

6. Try staying off social media for at least ONE HOUR.

We are constantly looking in our phones and loaded with information that half of the time is not that important. Take time time to leave your phone at home or if you absolutely have to take it with you, turn it off. Your Instagram story is not as important as you, even though it may seem like it. 

7. You are gorgeous and deserve to show it.

Words of affirmation are key to self care but you shouldn’t just tell yourself how amazing you are, you should feel too. Dressing up isn’t just for kids, why not dress in your most glamours outfit and go to the grocery store. Because you deserve to dress like Rihanna to get ice cream.


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