8 Things You Only Get if You Grew Up Awkward

Most of us have experienced “ugly duckling” syndrome in one form or another. After all, who looks good in seventh grade?

Unfortunately, for many of us who would be considered “late bloomers,” our personalities still haven’t managed to catch up with our faces and bodies. This leaves us in the harsh position of looking like someone who should be much more together than we actually are. For all of those Transformation Tuesday girls, here are a few things that I think you could probably relate to.

1. You Get Surprised When Someone Pays You A Compliment

“Wow you’re so pretty!” **Surprised Eyes Emoji** “Who me? Not some girl behind me? Where are the cameras, am I being Punk’d? Ashton this hasn’t been funny since 2002!”

2. Other People Get Surprised At Your Dorky Habits

If you were a lonely kid growing up, you are going to end up with some embarrassing habits that you still have to this day. For some reason it catches certain people by surprise to learn that a girl can be hot and still have a horror movie obsession and and a manga collection.

3. You Are Basically Incapable Of Flirting

Because there was a time when you didn’t believe you would ever be attractive to someone else, you never spent any time honing your skills and learning how to be sexy, leaving you with moves such as stuttering when you ask someone’s name and struggling to maintain eye contact.

4. Your Beauty Regimen Needs Work

Why have a beauty regimen if you don’t think you are one of the beautiful people? Listen, I think that Kylie Jenner has some sort of magic power and there is no way I will ever learn to contour when I just learned how to apply highlighter correctly.

5. You Still Have Social Anxiety

Again, the curse of being a lonely kid. Now that people actually want to talk to you and hangout with you, every day can feel like the New York Marathon. But, don’t worry, like anything this is a skill that comes with practice.

6. You’ve Become Obsessed With Selfies

If you got it, flaunt it. And if you only recently got it, flaunt it twice as hard toggling between Snapchat and Instagram. If you don’t want to see my face everyday, you best unfollow me now.

7. You Are Clumsy

This mostly has to do with a growth spirt and unfortunately, some of us didn’t go though that at the age of 13 like we were supposed to. Instead we are now cursed to be an uncommonly clumsy 23-year-old. But that’s okay, just try not to wear high heels too often.

8. Manic Pixie Dream Syndrome

When a girl is “quirky,” “interesting” or somewhat awkward as well as beautiful for some reason they are always categorized in this way. Which sucks because we are fully dimensional people with our own dreams and goals and obviously were not put on this earth to fulfill some weird fetish fantasy. Grow up, I’m busy over here trying to learn how to contour.

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