8 Reasons Not To Be Scared of An Uncircumcised Penis

‘Anteater’…’Firehose’…’Smegma’…‘Trouser sausage with cheese’

These terms, among some other gems, are often mentioned in conversations that come up about guys who haven’t been circumcised.

But it’s 2016, and considering all the social progress we’ve seen in recent years it’s time to take up a new cause: we must reduce stigma against men who still have their foreskins.

Many people believe circumcision is necessary for men’s sexual health, but that myth has been largely debunked.

Intact America is a creepy organization dedicated to ending routine circumcision for baby boys, and they’ve worked hard to clarify the rumors associated with circumcision decisions. America is pretty much the only developed place where all the guys get circumcised. In Europe, Asia, and Latin America, 90% of male babies aren’t circumcised, and according to Intact America, they “suffer no negative consequences.”

But let’s return to the sexual pleasure factor, because here’s a secret: ladies love uncircumcised cocks.

Why? If you haven’t encountered an uncut dick already, read up — here’s the treasure trove of experiences you’re missing out on.

1. It’s more fun to give a blow job to someone who has an uncircumcised penis.

Uncut guys have more to play with. There are so many more beej options when a guy’s foreskin is intact. Or so we’ve heard.

2. His dick is more sensitive.

Because the head of an uncircumcised penis spends more time hidden from the world, the tip is much more sensitive than of one on a circumcised penis. Can you guess what that means? Less work for you.

Also, our panel of Galore girls agrees from experience that uncircumcised guys are way less jackrabbit-y than cut guys. A circumcised guy might need to blindly thrust over and over again to feel good, but uncircumcised guys seem to be gentler.

3. They look bigger.

From one uncircumcised penis lover to the (soon-to-be) other: they just look more robust… less shriveled.

4. They also feel better.

Additional skin means less friction.

“The uncircumcised penis is much glossier, a more velvety feel,” says urologist and male sexual medicine specialist at New York-Presbyterian Darius Paduch says. “So for women who aren’t lubricating well, they have much less discomfort having sex with a guy who is uncircumcised.”

Also, it seems like that extra bit of skin makes it feel thicker overall.

5. He might not last as long.

This doesn’t mean he’ll ejaculate prematurely — far from it. It’s just that more penis sensitivity means a slightly quicker process, so once you’re done, he’ll come quickly after. Gone are the days of wishing you could check your texts while he pumps away since you already came 10 minutes ago.

Score for anybody who likes putting as little effort into sex as possible, so like, me.

6. He might be more appreciative.

Any uncircumcised man has probably been made fun of in the locker room at some point in his life for his socially abnormal penis. So he might just be extra grateful when you go down on him.

7. It’s not like a foreskin completely changes the way a dick functions.

Pro tip: Once erect, all penises look the same.

8. Odds are, the uncut penis is attached to a foreign hottie.

And if he’s American, you can bet he was raised by some chilled out hippies, or someone not weirdly obsessed with cleanliness. You won’t lose.


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