7 Ways to Keep Your New Shoes From Giving You Hella Blisters

Buying new shoes is so fucking exciting. You cannot wait to wear them literally everywhere, and you might even feel like people look at you differently.

But then again, sometimes you completely forget about the “break-in” period that basically all shoes require — that one or two weeks of pure pain that you have to suffer through as these cute ass shoes find all of the vulnerabilities and weakness in your feet.

I did that this morning. I bought these cute ass boots yesterday that have a really thick heel and I slipped them on with no socks. I felt good about 5 steps into my walk to work and then I realized I should have worn a different pair of shoes (or at least waited to break them in).

So there has to be a way around this right? Well, thankfully there are a few ways to prevent blisters and treat them. Here’s a list of the some ways to keep those ugly-ass blisters from

1. Friction Blocker

This is like deodorant but it keeps you from getting blisters! Just glide some of this Band-Aid Friction Blister Block Stick on the back of your feet or the sides where those strappy af Tom Fords rub, and you will be blisterless.

Source: Reddit

2. Heel Liners

These are more preventative. If you have a suspicion that your new heels will wreck your actual heels, just put these on the inside of the shoe and the do the job. You can get these Dr. Scholl’s For Her Heel Liners at a drug store, Walmart or on Amazon. 

Source: Reddit

3. Lush Foot Powder

The main problem that causes blisters is sweaty feet. The sweat adds to the amount of friction between your feet and the shoe. You can put this Lush T for Toes Foot Powder  on before you put your shoes on. It works to absorb the extra moisture in your shoes, cancels out the smell and keeps your feet from moving around too much.

Source: Outside Online

4. Basic Band-Aid Solution

If you’re afraid that those new shoes might give you blisters, prevent them by putting a band-aid on the spots where you’re prone to rub. This is the simplest solution honestly, but sometimes the might rub off so make sure you get the Band-Aid Tough Strips so they don’t peel off.

Source: StyleCaster

5. Blister Pads

If Band-Aids don’t work, they make Blister specific pads for your feet too, like these Compeed Blister Relief Pack Plasters that basically protect and treat the blister while acting like another layer of skin.

Source: Women’s Health

6. Moleskin

Instead of using it on yourself, you can use it on the shoe. To keep yourself from blistering, putting a small piece of Dr. Scholls Moleskin Plus on the part of the shoe that rubs and it works just as effectively as putting it on yourself.

Source: Fashionista

7. No-Show Socks

Obviously you can’t do this with an open-toed sandal or heel, but you can do it with flats or boots. This just keeps your foot from rubbing completely and stops the moisture from moving your foot. These adidas Women’s Superlite Super No Show Socks are also the athletic material so they are comfy and soft. 

Source: TODAY

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