7 Ways to Hide Your Tats From Your Fam For the Holidays

I really don’t appreciate my mom and family enough, who are accepting of my decision to get a few tiny tattoos. But not everyone is as fortunate, and for those whose parents might murder them over Christmas for deciding to get a lil ink have it really rough.

And especially around the holidays, it’s hard to get in the spirit when your fam is hella judgmental.

So here are a few tips on how to hide those pesky tats from your ‘rents, a future employer, or just anyone really.


1. Urban Decay foundation

Super easy solution because this is just something almost everyone has on hand. just make sure you start with a concealer, and then put a coat of heavy foundation on top. Blending properly is the real key though.

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2. Kat Von D Tat Eraser

Kat Von D is basically the queen of tattoo coverup, and this little stick will really help you cover up everything, and it’s made specifically to cancel out the blue and black tones in tattoo ink.

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3. Turtleneck

Obviously not my first choice because I’m still skeptical about the return of turtle necks, but this solution is perfect if you have a back-of- the-neck tattoo or something on your chest. Plus, they’ll just think you’re being modest.

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4. Bandage It

An ACE-Bandage really does the trick. If you’re coming home from school over the holidays, just bandage wherever your tat is, and just say you fell when you went hiking or something. A little white lie never hurt anyone, right?

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5. Jewelry

Wearing a giant statement necklace will detract from and even cover up a back-of-the-neck tattoo, or if you have a tattoo on your wrist, you can cover them up with a stack of bangles or a cuff.

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6. Scarf

Another option for covering up tats around you head, neck for face. Scarves are always in style, just don’t wear a heavy knit or wool scarf if you intend to keep it on all night because you will get so hot.

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7. Tights

For leg or foot tattoos, tights are the solve-all. When I was forced to wear them every day when I went to Catholic school, I didn’t appreciate them enough. They’re cozy because it feels like you’re wearing nothing, and if you buy opaque tights, you can’t even see through them at all.

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