7 Halloween Things We Should Do All Year Long

So, I’ve been reading a lot of Halloween articles online lately. It’s practically unavoidable with the fast approaching All Hallows Eve deadline.

One phrase I keep seeing over and over again is, “This is the one night of the year you can (insert fun thing here) and get away with it!” This got me thinking, is this really the one night of the year where it’s okay to do these things? Why? Who is really stopping you?

Well, I don’t know about you, but I intend to (insert fun thing here) all year long. If you feel at all the same way that I do, please continue reading, and preferably try to do at least one of these things post Halloween. I know I will.

1. Dress a Little Bit Slutty and Not Give a Shit

This is the one that annoys me the most. Why is Halloween the only day it’s “okay” to dress like a hoe? Who made this rule? You’re only young for so long, and as a woman who is only a couple years away from a quarter-life crisis, my mantra is if you got it, flaunt it, flaunt it and flaunt it again.

2. Party On a Week Night

My boyfriend is nearly 30, and while that is not old by any means (or so I tell him), he can’t keep up with me the way he used to 5 years ago. He gets tired easily and drunk quickly. I know, terrifying right? So my take away from this is, party hard while you still have the energy. You only regret the shots you don’t take, right? Which leads us to the next Halloween practice…

3. Take That Last Shot

Okay, maybe don’t take it if you’re already plastered, but honestly, nobody wants to be the girl who ditches the party early (unless you’re not going home alone…). So take that shot, do the double dare. Live it ladies, Halloween may only be once a year but life is long. Make it exciting.

4. Have a Horror Movie Marathon

Horror movies are the best! They are exciting in the same way a roller coaster is exciting. However, the best time to binge on horror movies post-Halloween is when you have a hot, strong partner to snuggle with when you get too scared.

5. Have a Séance

These are fun and freaky. Maybe (probably) nothing will come of it, but it’s exciting to pretend. I mean, imagine how boring it to be one of those logic-mongers who mocks the afterlife and ruins the magic for everyone else.

6. Be a Little Creepy

This goes along with the previous point, but the best thing about Halloween is the way it leaves everyone unfiltered and raw. Even the most down to earth, straight man will find himself feeling a little bit wild and animalistic. Personally, I wish people would tap into this attitude fall, winter, spring and summer. It would certainly make everything a bit more interesting.

7. Howl At The Moon

Literally and figuratively. Let loose, go crazy and howl at the damn moon. If I have learned one thing from the fabulous Miss November (congrats Ashley Smith!) it is that normal is boring. No one got anywhere by being just like everyone else.

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