6 Epic Breakup Revenge Movies

Breakups can be tough. They can leave you heartbroken and cursing the day your ex was born. But they don’t have too!

Instead of waisting time and effort cultivating revenge plans that leave you wondering whether posting bikini body Instagram’s will frazzle him or just give him more for the bank. Watch the best and most effective revenge scenes in movie history, to give you some inspiration.

1. First Wives Club

Look no further, these three ladies are queens of revenge. Their husbands thought leaving them for younger versions was smart. Boy, oh boy were they wrong. Elise, Brenda and Annie get even by getting everything and looking fly AF while they do it!

2. Legally Blonde

Elle Woods used her pent up anger from her break-up to get into Harvard! Not only did she prove to her wannabe-Ken ex that she can be just as clever as he is but she also made it clear their sexy time wasn’t all it was made out to be.

3. John Tucker Must Die

Sometimes a little humiliation is totally deserved. Being a jock doesn’t mean you can get away with three timing women. I’m sure embarrassment isn’t the only thing the thong gave John.

4.Bring It On

Torrence gets back at her sneaky ex by finding someone 10 times better. Although getting under someone to get over someone doesn’t usually work, if he’s a genuinely nice dude (who makes you a mix tape) then you’ve caught a keeper.

5. Hot Chick

Jessica, in Clive’s body, spies on the guys locker room talk. When she hears that one of them is two timing her best friend, she tells her and he gets dumped. Haha. He will be the one crying over how humiliating it is getting dumped by your super hot gf. See ya never!

6. The Break-Up

Lastly, Jennifer Aniston gives us hope yet that there could be a day where karma bites him in the ass. It’s gonna burn him seeing you successful, looking fab and most of all being happy without him.

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