6 Crazy Happenings You May Have Missed Online This Week

T-f*ckin’-G it’s Friday!! If you’re like me, and plan on celebrating the upcoming weekend by lying horizontal in your bed until Monday, you’ll enjoy these 6 fun, weird, and out-of-this-world things that exist on the interweb, as of this week.

1. This Hour Long Drake Interview

Drake rarely does press, but just agreed to an unconventional interview with fellow Canadian, Nardwuar. It’s his second interview with the “human serviette,” as the notable interviewer weirdly refers to himself, and also features Drake’s best friend, and partner-producer Noah “40” Shebib. I haven’t finished it yet, but so far I’ve learned that Drake loves Vybez Kartel, which is cool, but also scary, since Vybez Kartel is a murderer.

2. This Casual Headline: “Scientists Hold Secret Meeting to Consider Creating a Synthetic Human Genome”

Um, apparently, “a secret meeting at Harvard Medical School this week focused on the idea of creating a synthetic human genome,” which would uh, involve, “using chemicals to manufacture the DNA for chromosomes. Such a genome could be implanted into embryos, creating humans without parents.” So I guess that’s… chill.

3. Orlando Bloom and Selena Gomez’s Vegas Tryst

These photos of Orlando Bloom and Selena Gomez’s touchy-feely rendezvous at a club in Las Vegas are absolutely amazing. What are they doing? Isn’t Orlando Bloom a dad? Why does he seem so much hotter to me now that I know he’d hook up with someone younger than me? Who knows. But Katy Perry (she’s dating Orlando) didn’t give a f*ck, so again I say… who knows?

4. Hillary Clinton’s Belief in Aliens

Hahaha, Hillary Clinton has apparently built a new kind of fanbase after making her nerdy interest in aliens clear to Jimmy Kimmel.

“You know, there’s a new name,” she said, during her appearance on the show. “It’s unexplained aerial phenomenon,” she said. “U.A.P. That’s the latest nomenclature.”

I’m. Dying.


5. The Kanye West Verse That Compares Kim to OJ Simpson

Schoolboy Q and Kanye West just collaborated on a new track titled, “THat Part,” with a really scary line about his wife, Kim Kardashian.

He raps: “Wifey gonna kill me, she the female O.J.”

What is it about wives named Kim that makes rappers so crazy?

TMZ made a nice graphic to go along with the released portion of the song, so enjoy, I suppose.

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