6 Christmas movie brats we low key love

Christmas movies are all about being super cheesy. But let’s not overlook the BEST thing about these movies: the bratty kids.

What would a Christmas movie be without a spoilt, know it all, I’m-the-star-of-the-show kid? After all, it’s the perfect occasion to ask for (or in their case demand) a plethora of gifts and expect everyone to run after you. Here are our top Christmas brats.

1. Eloise From “Eloise At Christmas Time”


Eloise is my all time favorite brat, not only is her Christmas list longer than width of her Plaza penthouse but it also includes requests for things such as a white pony and pink house. Sure, most girls have wanted a pony at some point but usually in My Little Pony form, not life size. 90% of the film is Eloise bossing around her nanny. She’s got some fab sunglasses, though.

2. Kevin from Home Alone 2


Everybody normally feels bad for Kevin because he gets abandoned. In my opinion, Kevin needs to stop crying about it and enjoy the fact that he is roaming around NYC with daddy’s credit card. You can’t be that sad while staying at The Plaza and abusing the Room Service. Most people would be thankful that they are staying at a 5 star hotel instead of spending boring a$$ family time.

3. Hallie from All I Want For Christmas


Hallie might look cute and innocent but she’s quite the sass pot. Hallie is set on getting her parents back together this Christmas by getting rid of her mom’s new bf. Hallie goes to extremes to get rid of him, the purchase of mice is just one tactic, as his very presence annoys her. Hallie is a force not to be reckoned with even if the bow in her hair seems deceiving.

4. Know-It-All From Polar Express


His name really says it all. Not only does he think he knows it all, which he doesn’t because otherwise he wouldn’t be wearing such a fugly sweater through the ENTIRE movie. But he is also greedy and spoilt as he rummages through Santa’s sack to check how many presents he’s got. Its called sharing is caring, duh.

5. Charlie From Santa Clause 2


How does one take for granted that your dad is Santa Claus?! Seriously. You can get all the presents you want no matter what the weather forecast. Charlie is evidently overwhelmed by starting his pubescent years so he begins to lash out by breaking into school after hours and gets himself on the naughty list. So inconsiderate, embarrassing his dad in front of all the elves like that.

6. Susan Walker From Miracle on 34th Street (1994)


Now Susan might appear to be a well behaved girl, but she has some nerve. Susan insists that she (unlike other children) doesn’t need to ask Santa for what she wants, because she will get her presents no matter what. Pfft. Who does she think she is. Christmas present don’t just grow out of trees Susan.

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