6 Awesome Things You May Have Missed Online This Week

It’s only Tuesday, but this week’s already been packed with awesome things to read, watch, and listen to online. Check out 6 of the most fun, weird, and awesome things we found on the interweb this week.

1. Obama’s Insane White House Correspondent’s Dinner Speech

President Barack Obama made a speech at the White House Correspondent’s dinner the other night that could rival any Saturday Night Live comedian’s, and it was awesome. He made fun of pretty much everyone at the dinner, except for Joe Biden, who was spared at the expense of Dick Cheney, when the president quipped, “Thanks for not shooting anyone in the face.” Watch the full thang below.

2. Lorde’s Signed Cast at the Met Ball

Lorde wins “Best Dressed,” or at least, “Most Entertainingly Dressed” at this year’s Met Ball for sporting a cast with a good attitude, then asking her friends and other famous people to sign it.

3. The Lemonade Aftermath

Beyonce has made history with her 6th consecutive chart-topping studio album, though haters doubted whether Queen Bey would be able to, especially considering the nature of the album’s content (which are pretty much just infidelity, and race politics). Now, Beyonce and Rihanna are the biggest female artists on iTunes worldwide. Jay Z must not be too bummed on the album callout.

4. Carly Fiorina and Ted Cruz’s Weird Ass Handshake

Can’t. Stop. Laughing. Just WTF is that?!

5. The NY Times Wants You To Stop Saying “I feel like…”

Professor Molly Worthen has written an article about how she wants millennials (that’s us!) to stop prefacing our opinions with the phrase, “I feel like.” Whether or not this article is awesome, it’s definitely something to care about.

6. The New Kari Faux Album

Alt-rapper Kari Faux has just dropped her debut album, Lost En Los Angeles, and it’s awesome. Check out the awesome cover for the album below, and then hear the whole damn thing on iTunes here.

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