5 Unforgettable Celeb Publicity Stunts

At this point, hearing that Shia Labeouf cut his face with a knife for his new movie “Fury” (also starring Brad Pitt) seems practically tame after his paper bag stunt. Apparently he wanted the cuts on his face to look more realistic in the movie but we aren’t entirely convinced by this brand of logic. Celebrities always seem to be doing strange things. Maybe it’s the pressure of having to be physically perfect and talented 24/7 maybe its a calculated cry for (yet more) attention. We aren’t sure. But here are a few celebrity stunts that will certainly go down in history as the craziest.

Britney Spears

No, we aren’t going to talk about her head shaving incident or even her barefooted bathroom exposition (Britney sure has done a few crazy things in her time). First off: those have already been discussed ad nauseam. Second: They were probably also the result of a mental breakdown and therefore crossed over into the realm of actually crazy as opposed to cray cray crazy. No, what we want to discuss is the time she kissed Madonna in about the sexiest publicity stunt known to man kind. The fact that this is still being talked about years later is very telling

Kim Kardashian


Anyone else remember when Kim K was married to Kris Humphries? Yeah, we don’t really either.

Tom Cruise


The defining moment when Tom Cruise publicly lost his mind and shocked the world (and Oprah) will forever go down in history as one of the weirdest celebrity meltdowns in history. We still aren’t entirely sure why he did it (he probably doesn’t even know), but we do know that we are never going to forget about it.

James Franco


When James Franco hit on an underage girl via Instagram it became a public discussion on whether it was really a way of promoting his new movie as he claimed or whether it was just a display of creepiness that crossed the line into inappropriateness. It’s just lucky for Franco that he is good looking otherwise he probably never would have been forgiven for this.

Sasha Baron Cohen


The time Sasha Baron Cohen arrived dressed as his character from the Dictator at the 2012 Oscars carrying an urn full of what he claimed to be Kim Jong-il’s ashes and then dumped them on the red carpet in front of a shocked looking Ryan Seacrest. #NeverForget

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